Chapter 1201 – Ran Away In Fear

“Goose Egg Star! It is actually a Goose Egg Star!”

Meng Yunhu’s hand trembled as he dropped his chopsticks from the shock.

The next moment, a second star came flying from the horizon!

It was also another Goose Egg Star, it flew like a dazzling shooting star and landed in the middle courtyard of Lord Treasure Hall…

A Star Spirit Master was ranking-up in there!

The last time he visited Nameless Town, everyone who lived here was an ordinary person, there was not even a single spirit master. 

From the corner of his vision, he happened to witness Huan Qing Yan looking at the Goose Egg Star with a faint smile of gratification.

Meng Yunhu broke into a torrent of sweat. How could he not understand everything by now? He was sure that this family were not just some ordinary people.

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A High-Rank Spirit Chef. Not surprised at the arrival of a Goose Egg Star. Who can be so calm?

Meng Yunhu suddenly recalled a strange rumour, a piece of news that spread throughout the entire continent!

After Young Master Ya got married, he had gone into seclusion with his beautiful wife and young son…

Meng Yunhu had travelled to many places and accumulated quite an amount of knowledge. He would naturally hear of such important news.

Then he thought back and remembered Yin Xiu writing that they were a family of three. A Lady Boss who can cook simple food like buns and dumplings to possess such high levels of spirit energy. Continuous promotion of Goose Egg Star Talent…

Meng Yunhu suddenly felt as though his butt was on fire and he could no longer sit still.

What gall did he, Meng Yunhu, possessed! To think that he had planned to cause trouble for Young Master Ya and his family?

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He might not even know how he dies!

Meng Yunhu peeked at Huan Qing Yan again, but he was being completely ignored.

However, the more confident the other party acted, the more mysterious and unfathomable they seemed.

Meng Yunhu even felt that Huan Qing Yan had already found out about his goal for coming today.

His heart started beating madly as his face turned pale. He no longer dared to remain here and quickly took out one silver and placed it on the table.

Using the moment when Huan Qing Yan was still looking at the flying star to sneak out of Lord Treasure Hall.

Old Tian felt that situation to be strange, “Hey outsider, you look to be enjoying the food really well just now, why are you running away in a cold sweat now? Look how pale you are, do you have an old ailment that is acting up now? It is okay if it is acting up, Lord Treasure Hall also provides treatment to the sick, don’t rush off!”

Meng Yunhu… Ran far away.

Huan Qing Yan only threw a bland glance at him but did not mind that he left.


Meng Yunhu ran until he was out of Nameless Town.

Yin Xiu was standing at the entrance of the main street looking around expectantly, “I have waited for Uncle for many days, why is Uncle coming from within our town? When did Uncle arrive? You did not even come and visit Xiu’er…”

Meng Yunhu’s face darkened, “Who is your Uncle? Pui! Shameless woman, do not disturb this Daoist from now on, this Daoist does not know you.”

The powerful backing that Yin Xiu had been waiting for suddenly reproached her for no reason? And used such vicious language?

“Uncle, where did Xiu’er did wrong? The child in Xiu’er is more than six months, this is Uncle’s seed! Xiu’er was bullied by others in Nameless Town and is hoping every day for the day that Uncle will come and seek justice for me. It is okay if Xiu’er has suffered grievances, but even the unborn child has suffered grievances…”

“Shut up! Justice? Thankfully this Daoist was alert and went to scout the situation in advance. Had I gone with you to cause trouble there, this Daoist would not even have known how I died. This is an attempt to murder this Daoist!”

Meng Yunhu had even developed a dying wish by now. He asked himself why he was so unlucky, to nearly offend someone that he could never afford to offend.

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