Chapter 1200 – Flustered And Suffocating

What shocked him the most was not the favour but the spirit energy!

Spirit energy could be found within this ordinary meat bun!

Spirit Buns costs at least ten spirit stones in large cities…

Meng Yunhu uncontrollably took another bite.

This mouth was filled with meat, and the traces of spirit energy was even higher and richer. It was very different from the Spirit Buns that he had eaten in the past.

What sort of Spirit Bun could possess such abundant spirit energy? This should contain fifty spirit energy value?

Ahhhhhh! Did he turn crazy from his cravings for spirit food?

Resulting in hallucinations?

Meng Yunhu took another bite. This time, he truly felt a sense of bliss. It was really spirit energy that was inside this meaty flavour… bringing him back to reality.

He has deep feelings for spirit food. He spent his entire life to earn money to exchange for spirit food and finally promoted.

Yet hard work was not enough. He was only a low-rank wandering cultivator, the number of spirit stones he could earn was limited. That was why spirit food became a luxury item for him.

Meng Yunhu had never eaten much spirit food in his life. Each time he obtained any spirit food, he would slowly chew and savour it. Worrying that if he ate too fast, he might not digest and absorb the spirit food completely.

Yet this spirit bun in front of him costs only five cents?

If it was sold at other places, would a bun cost only five cents? In your dreams! A hundred of this buns costs less than a silver? You must be joking!

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Meng Yunhu increased his speed of eating, as though he was worried that someone would steal his food away.

After finishing the bun, he shifted his attention onto the dumplings!

The moment the dumpling enter his mouth, an aroma mixed with spirit energy… charged into his stomach cells!

The texture was excellent, words could not describe that intoxicated expression he displayed. Most importantly, Meng Yunhu noticed that the dumplings possessed even higher spirit energy that the bun!

One small bitesize dumpling contained spirit energy equivalent to the fist-size bun.

This bowl of dumplings that contained roughly two dozen dumplings meant that he would get spirit energy equivalent of eating two dozen buns?

Meng Yunhu could no longer stop eating.

If he could eat spirit food like this every day, would he worry about not being able to promote? He could reach Four-Star Spirit Master in a year, no, maybe a month would be enough…

When he thought about this fact, the overly excited Meng Yunhu suddenly became calm.

Only High-Rank Spirit Chefs would have the ability to make spirit food that contained so much spirit energy value.

And all Spirit Chefs are undoubtedly Spirit Masters!

A High-Rank Spirit Chef would at least be a Five-Star Spirit Master or higher! That means that he, Meng Yunhu, with his Three-Star, would be nothing in front of the other party!

Can it be that the lady boss of this shop was the legendary Spirit Chef that was in demand everywhere? And also a High-Rank Spirit Master?

Meng Yunhu peeked at Huan Qing Yan, who was nearby. She looked like an ordinary married woman, there were no signs that she was a spirit master at all.

Maybe not her?

Her family? A family of three…

A High-Rank Spirit Chef was undoubtedly someone he wants to have friendly relations with. Even if that was not possible, it was also not an individual that he could afford to go against.

Also, when Lady Boss glanced at him, why would he developed this unknown flustered and suffocating feeling?

It was at that moment, the sky suddenly changed!

The weather this morning was slightly cloudy when a rainbow light suddenly burst out from the horizon and scattered the clouds… turning the sky clear and bright.

Within the rainbow light, was a Goose Egg-Size Star flying towards Lord Treasure Hall.

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Everything happened in a split moment, many of the ordinary people were blinded by the light, but Meng Yunhu could see it clearly.

“Goose Egg Star! That’s a Goose Egg Star!”

Meng Yunhu’s hand trembled, causing the chopsticks he was using to fall off.

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