Chapter 125 – A Real Male God!

Two palace guards came up and tried to drag her away, as a result, Huan Qing Yan no longer planned to speak in riddles and said, “Everyone do not be deceived by Huan Meng Yue, her spirit treasure is the Rouge Spirit Bird, it has a psychic ability that allows it to affect and control the spirit treasures in its surroundings, all of you have been affected by that ability one way or another…”

Bai Cheng Feng’s rage reached its peak, “This Lord has never heard of a spirit treasure that could control another spirit treasure before, the more you speak the more preposterous it sounds. Quickly drag her into prison, to slander a God Chosen is a heavy crime that requires Lord Father to judge personally!”

The two palace guards were both spirit masters above the rank of four stars, if they forcefully dragged Huan Qing Yan away, she had no means of resisting. This led her to miss that 150 kilos weight she had in the past.

As she could only watch herself being dragged out of the hall, a gentle and charming voice came from behind everyone.

“A God Chosen?”

Everyone’s gaze turned and saw an exceptionally noble looking young man entering their vision.

Wearing a long white robe with dark patterns and a face that looked as though it was sculpted by a master sculptor as well as a limitless grace that would make women feel ashamed in comparison. He had starry eyes and a noble form that only people of high standing could portray.

When he appeared, everyone on the scene went still.

That included the two palace guards that stared blankly and paused their actions while in the midst of dragging Huan Qing Yan away.

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Huan Qing Yan was also stunned, ‘Holysh*t, this is what I call a real handsome man! A real Male God from the legends! That brings a feast for the eyes!’

Bai Cheng Feng adopts an image of a tyrannical prince with devilish charms while this young noble adopts the image of grace and magnificence, no matter what aspect was compared, this young noble won by a large margin! Huan Qing Yan immediately thought in her mind, ‘Young noble sir, has your family arranged a marriage for you yet!?’

Her eyes continued to sparkle as the little cupid stuck an arrow on her…*
(Cuppa: It was worded in another way in the original version but the meaning is the same and easier to relate if portrayed in English in this manner.”

With her state of being lovestruck in full blast, irrelevant people should beware and keep a safe distance away from her.

The first to react was Bai Cheng Feng, he cupped his hands and courteously smiled, “Young Master Ji Mo, you came at the right time. A God Chosen has appeared within our Hanging Cloud Empire.”  

His words caused everyone to wake up from their stupor as a commotion began.

“Young Master Ji Mo? Can it be that the royal family called for a selection for a spirit chef was all for this young master?”

“Ji Mo? Can it be that he is a person from that clan?”

“Are you guys dumb? Other than a person from the Ji Mo Clan, who would have the qualifications to make Lord Ninth refer him courteously as Young Master Ji Mo?”

“Oh my God! The Ji Mo Clan is the most powerful and most mysterious clan within the Spirit Treasure Continent! Rumor has it that they can appear and disappear suddenly and leave no traces behind?! Why did a member of that family suddenly appear in our Hanging Cloud Empire… Only a blessing accumulated over three lifetimes could have allowed us to be given the opportunity to see a Ji Mo Clan member in person…”

Although the conversations were done in a low volume, it was enough to cause Bai Cheng Feng’s gaze to go slightly gloomy as he felt that he was losing face.

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A prince like him was being outshined by an outsider, this did not make him feel good at all. But on the surface, he must still put up a front of treating a guest well as the master of this place.

Ji Mo Ya was used to such worshipping gazes that came from all directions, he walked in a graceful manner as though he was strolling, heading towards Bai Cheng Feng who was in the center of the crowd and said, “Where’s the God Chosen?”

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