Chapter 127 – Satisfying!

“…Meng Yue does not know anything… It might be because Meng Yue has only recently been bestowed the inheritance, that’s why there is no holy halo… Meng Yue is not sure… woo woo…” Meng Yue twisted her head as she ran away crying.

Huan Qing Yan asked the reincarnated girl in her mind, “Is today satisfying!?”

“It is!” The reincarnated girl replied without hesitation.

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Both broke into laughter.

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What they were aiming for, was this exceptionally pleasant feeling of satisfaction!

“I am guessing that she might also possess a second soul within her body…” Huan Qing Yan said.

The reincarnated girl said solemnly, “Are you implying that it was that second soul that took over Huan Meng Yue’s body and used the Butterfly Cooking Technique?”

“Although not 100% sure but the possibility is extremely high. There’s a limit on how much a swap soul could control the body. If not, she would have defended herself by making another dish on the spot. However, we must stay vigilant, that soul within her body is surely not simple. Who knows, that soul might really be connected to the Butterfly Sage one way or the other…”

“True. No wonder she progressed without obstructions or difficulties when she awakened her spirit treasure in my last life. It must be due to that soul in her body.”

At that moment, Ji Mo Yo piercing gaze went past the crowd and landed on Huan Qing Yan’s body.

“Why is this person with the number 69 palace token being taken away by the palace guards? Is it due to a bad result?” his refreshing voice resounded in everyone’s ears.

Huan Qing Yan got really excited!

That male god is taking notice of her!

Oh my God, oh my God! Why did that male god’s gaze feel so familiar!?

The male god’s exquisite chin, rosy red lips, coupled with the passive light effect due to the Sage’s Halo… would make anyone to develop the urge to pounce on him!

Bai Cheng Feng had wanted to chase after Huan Meng Yue immediately after she ran away. However, with such an important guest here, he must keep his composure as a representative of the royal family and maintain the proper etiquette of a prince. If he were to leave now, wouldn’t it be seen as a display of poor etiquette?

He could only grit his teeth and reply, “Not true, there seems to be some form of misunderstanding… From the looks of it, the second round of the selection is officially complete. Judges, please announce what the successful candidates have to do for the third round of selection.”

Ji Mo Ya suddenly asked, “What’s the result of participant number 69?”

Old Imperial Chef Zhang, who only just came out of his daze, immediately stood up and replied, “To Young Master Ji Mo, participant number 69 managed to identify all hundred ingredients during the first round of the selection. During the second round of the selection, although her dish is placed second in terms of spirit energy value, her dish possessed the trait to increase the stamina attribute by one point, it is an exceptional feat.”

Huan Qing Yan looked at the elder with eyes of gratitude.

The elder imperial chef was unable to help her during the confrontation of God Chosen because he knew that he was only one man and unable to turn the tide of the situation. Now, it was much different, his status as a judge gave his statements a rather powerful authority and credibility.

This elderly imperial chef was one of her Papa’s close friends when he was alive, it seems that he was someone that was worth continuing that relationship on behalf of her father.

When Ji Mo Ya heard him, he smiled lightly and said, “There’s no need for a third round, she is the one.”

Huan Qing Yan was nearly blinded by that dazzling smile of his, she felt warm, as though the spring sun was shining on hundreds of blooming flowers as her little heart began to beat frantically.

The male God looks even more charming when he smiles!

Bai Cheng Feng frowned, “Young Master Ji Mo, do you wish to choose another? This girl had only awoken her spirit treasure not long ago, even if she has talent as a spirit chef, she has no experience…”

“It is fine. Let her be the one.”

Huan Qing Yan nearly fainted from bliss, oh my dear heavens, the male God really decided to choose her!

There’s no need for a third round, she is the one, is it because he fell for her on first sight?

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