Chapter 128 – What Is She Afraid Of?

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When Huan Qing Yan thought till that moment, she unconsciously began to lift her proud beautiful peaks, her eyes also began to display some hints of embarrassment…

The reincarnated girl’s unhappy voice came, “He is only choosing a temporary spirit chef and not choosing a concubine! Is there a need to act like this? How shameless.”

Hey, can’t you give me some face, else our little boat of friendship would capsize!

The man God is approaching!

The man God is near!

Huan Qing Yan’s expression was a tense mix of excitement and nervousness, should she angle her face by 45 degrees to display her best side as a way of greeting the man God…?

“Lady Huan, it seems that you are quite nervous?” a refreshing voice asked.

Nervous? Of course I am nervous!

She initially prepared herself to work under a fat old guy, now that image of a fat old guy had transformed into this handsome guy. This was an extremely huge surprise to her, an unexpected bonus on top of an existing good deal.

“Lord Ji Mo, this girl is very honored to be able to become your temporary spirit chef, this girl will work hard to serve you well.”

Who knew that the Lord Man God nonchalantly replied, “That’s good to know, that Chestnut Rice Spring Mushroom and Phoenix Bone Pot you made a few days ago was not bad, I hope you can maintain that level of standard…”

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How did he know about the Chestnut Rice Spring Mushroom and Phoenix Bone Pot?

He… he isn’t Brim Hat Bro, the Silver Mask Guard, right? The more I think about it, the more it seems like it; the more I look at him, the more they look alike! It’s really that Brim Hat Bro! OH MY GOD!!!

When Huan Qing Yan finally recovered from her shock, the man God had already passed her side and left with his guards.

Huan Qing Yan’s chin was currently in a condition of being unable to close, a myriad of emotions were swirling within her. She had long guessed that the person possessed an extremely high status, yet it never occurred to her that it was to such heights: A member of the Ji Mo Clan and a God Chosen!

Yet, this person was someone she did not wish to be involved with.

Her instincts were telling her that getting close to him would be an extremely dangerous thing, it was as though there was an inborn natural force and warning her to stay away from him.

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Someone that she could not trifle with.

If she knew that the royal family was calling a selection for him, she would surely have not participated…

Yet in the end, after going in circles, circumstances reached this point.

Huan Qing Yan’s earlier face of lovestruck and excitement was now completely gone, no matter how handsome that man God is, you should never eat something poisonous! Life is more important, right?

But things were now set in stone, as Ji Mo Ya left, Old Imperial Chef Zhang and his peers approached Huan Qing Yan with words of congrats.

The other participants whispered amongst themselves, “That girl was showing such a happy expression earlier on, why did it turn into a dumb expression in an instant?”

“Not sure, maybe she became an idiot from being overly excited.”

“How envious. Despite this lady displaying coquettish glances at him till I had facial spasms, Young Master Ji Mo did not even look at this lady at all, sigh… even if Young Master Ji Mo appoints me as a serving maid, I would also be willing!”


Huan Qing Yan slowly began to accept her fate.

That person is after all a young master of a great clan, there’s no reason to treat her badly, she must be feeling it wrongly.

That person even helped her during her Papa’s funeral.

Her instincts must be wrong!

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She has done nothing wrong, so what is she afraid of?

Bai Cheng Feng also approached her after Ji Mo Ya left, his voice became surprisingly gentle, “Huan Qing Yan, being selected by Young Master Ji Mo today is your blessing. You are now a representative  of our Hanging Cloud Empire, if you performed well, your status as the National Order Princess might be recovered. In addition, if you find yourself in any difficulties while working for Young Master Ji Mo, you can always come and find this prince, understand?”

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