Chapter 129 – Pack Full Of Morals

Huan Qing Yan was not a fool, how could she not understand the meaning behind his words.

The meaning was very simple, to report all important matters surrounding Ji Mo Ya immediately to him when it happens!

However, who gave him such confidence to demand for such actions?

Huan Qing Yan decisively rejected him, Thank you for your lords kindness, Qing Yan need to attend to other important matters.

She turned her head and left without hesitation.

Bai Cheng Fengs rage once again flared up, this audacious Huan Qing Yan has been constantly disrespecting him!

He had wanted to use the opportunity to punish her earlier on but Ji Mo Ya unexpectedly appeared and choose her as his spirit chef, so he was unable to deal with her immediately now.

However, this was not a problem. Once the Heart Digging Murder Case was closed, Ji Mo Ya would leave the Hanging Cloud Empire, he would surely properly take care of her then.

When he thought about it, Bai Cheng Feng left the hall with a livid rage to find Huan Meng Yue.

Huan Meng Yue knows the Butterfly Cooking Technique, even if she wasnt a God Chosen, it was still an extraordinary skill.


Huan Qing Yan only brought with her a few sets of clothes when she arrived at the Aged Consulate.

Lou Qiao had wanted to follow her initially but Huan Qing Yan disallowed her.

Within the Huan Estate, Lou Qiao was her most trusted person, she needs Lou Qiao in the Huan Estate to keep watch for her. So that if anything arises, she would be informed immediately, this would also keep her mind at peace.

The Aged Consulate was the most exquisite embassy building built by the Hanging Cloud Empire, after it was built, the empire had not allowed anyone to stay in the building. Ji Mo Ya was the first.

The land the Aged Consulate occupied was a relatively large and built within a prosperous yet quiet territory, within the area were also multiple buildings for accommodations. It did not take Huan Qing Yan much effort to find the location of this place, when she knocked on its door, the servants within the estate were already waiting at behind the door to receive her.

A servant brought her to a corner building of the estate, Lady Huan, this will be your accommodations from now on. Directly outside this buildings courtyard will be the small kitchen specially build for our Young Masters use. Lady Huan will be responsible for the food and drinks of only the Young Master.

Huan Qing Yan swept her gaze across the secluded courtyard in front of her, this place does not lose out to her own accommodation back home, in fact, it gives off a vibe of subdued luxury that made it better.

Such luxury for only a corner building, one could guess how good the main building would be, this also shows how much the Hanging Cloud Empire values this Young Master Ji Mo.

Without waiting for Huan Qing Yan to reply, the servant continued, Our Young Master likes things to be quiet. It would be best if Lady Huan stays within your own courtyard during your free time and not move about. Every building within the Aged Consulate has a spell formation that will prevent people from entering unless they have the owners approval…”

Are they treating her like a female pervert, worrying that she would pounced on their Young Master in the night?

Really!? This sis here is a person with morals!

Bringing along a pack full of morals when crossing over!

Theres a spell formation in each building? So does this building of mine has one too?

It has.

Huan Qing Yan was not a stranger to spell formations as they have it in the Huan Estate too. So she replied happily, So does that mean that it I were to activate it, your Young Master would be unable to enter whenever he wants too?

Mo Si, who was disguised as the servant who led her, was dumbstruck at her words but at the same time he also felt like laughing.

Ever since his master started travelling the continent, the number of woman throwing themselves at him wherever he went was beyond count. That was why his master would occasionally disguise himself to hide his real looks.

Yet unexpectedly, this lady was having thoughts of keeping a distance from his master

Yes, that is true.

Huan Qing Yan got really happy, this was truly an unexpected surprise.

She was most worried about how to enter the dimension without being discovered by Ji Mo Ya as she would be right under his nose.

Without being able to enter the dimension, her cultivation speed would be too slow.

She was still too weak, only a Three-Star Spirit Master with neither a magic armament nor any lifesaving trump cards. Although she could enter the dimension whenever she wants but the ancient bowl would be exposed on the spot she disappears, allowing it to be easily discovered by people.

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