Chapter 130 – Capture His Stomach

Therefore, in a place where others were around, she must not expose the ancient bowl’s ability.

With a spell formation within this building, she would not need to be afraid of being disturbed by others.

Huan Qing Yan had decided to spend every night within the dimension from now on, this would provide her an equivalent of twelve days of time for training.

The Aged Consulate was truly a good place.

“I would like to ask; how long will your Young Master be staying within the Hanging Cloud empire?”

“That cannot be determined, do you have any matter?”

“If it is only four to five days then it would be fine, but if it is more than that, will there be rest days? Taking our Huan Estate for example, our servants would be given two rest days every ten days or half a month, or four rest days per month. For a celestial person like Young Master Ji Mo, the benefits must be better, I wonder how the rest days are counted?” Huan Qing Yan nearly used the five workdays per week of modern people as an example.

Mo Si’s brow twitched, what a lass, already thinking about rest before even starting work!

What did their master see in this lazy bum?

“This is something that Lady Huan should ask our master personally, as long as Lady Huan’s culinary skills are good enough, any discussion with our master would be easier.”

“Then how many meals do I make a day? How many dishes per meal? What type of spirit food does your master favor…” Huan Qing Yan began to ask some of the important questions first.

Mo Si also replied them accordingly.

“Two meals a day will do, each during morning and night. Each meal must have five dishes, our master is not a picky eater, so as long as it is delicious, it would be fine.”

Huan Qing Yan did a mental calculation, a normal Basic Spirit Chef could only make ten dishes a day.

After making the first meal in the morning, she could use her remaining mental power to cultivate and train. Over the time she used to spend on cultivation, the consumption and expenditure of her mental power would balance, thereby  allowing her to make another meal at night. This was truly a good schedule to maximize her mental power, it was both effective and humane.

However, Huan Qing Yan could always enter the dimension for half an hour to replenish her mental power, so she was not worried about issues that may arise from the lack of it.

It was just that she was not willing to enter it whenever she wants.

The servant left after saying all that’s necessary. Huan Qing Yan dropped her stuff within the building before heading to the kitchen to work, there were many things she needs to prepare and she needs to familiarize herself with her new working environment.

She wanted to make a good performance on her first day.

The first step to getting close to a man was to capture his stomach! Since she was already here, she needed to do her best to hug this golden leg tightly without letting it go easily.


Ji Mo Ya constantly shifted his gaze at the hourglass.

The waves of delicious fragrance coming from the kitchen was making it hard for him to sit still!

Finally, when meal time arrived, the sky was also turning slightly dark. Ji Mo Ya ended his meditation and stood up.

When he reached the kitchen that was not too far from the main building he was staying at, what he saw was a Huan Qing Yan in a clean white spirit chef uniform, being busy at her work within the kitchen.

Beside the kitchen was an open-air food pavilion that was only a few meters away from it. Within the pavilion was an exquisite large table, with seven to eight dishes placed on top of it. Each dish was emitting its own unique fragrance but all of them portrayed all the aspects of delicious food: colorful, fragrant etc. The surrounding air permeated with a delicious smell.

Ji Mo Ya lightly coughed.

Only then did Huan Qing Yan turned her head and discover that graceful and exquisite figure appearing outside the kitchen door, ‘the golden leg is here!’

Huan Qing Yan smiled as she greeted, “Goodnight to you Young Master Ji Mo, I am nearly done and just waiting for your arrival. If Young Master is not in a hurry, the last two dishes would be out very soon…”

Ji Mo Ya stood without moving, he did not bring any servant with him too.

“Young Master, are you not hungry?” Huan Qing Yan, who was still busy in the kitchen, asked when she noticed his state after turning her head a second time.

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