Chapter 1399 – Manifestation

Huan Jiu Li was not annoyed, he stood up and walked a few steps before looking at the sky with a satisfied nod: “Although the best angle is at the Holy Court, the position at the Ji Mo House is also not bad. Let it be here.”

A shining golden treasure was tossed out from his hand, it looked like a phoenix’s feather and possessed the domineering aura of a Phoenix Demon Emperor, and charged into the sky.

A ray of golden light pierced into the clouds like a sharp sword, slashing apart the layers of clouds as it flew higher.

The further it went, the darker and thicker the clouds became. Forks of lightning could be seen travelling through the clouds discreetly but they were all devoured by the golden light.

The golden light glowed like the rising moon and sun, the further it rises, the more the gold fades away. When it dived into the black clouds, it became even harder to notice it.

It was unknown how long the people present continued watching as the golden light suddenly surged in strength. A blue light and a yellow light appeared and wrapped around the golden light before flying downwards with shocking speed.

Only when the two lights reached mid-air did it take shape, revealing a woman in blue and a man in yellow.

Their poise and attitude were akin to celestials that made one feel ashamed.

A formless pressure also appeared and that pressure encapsulated Holy City when the two figures revealed themselves.

This mysterious occurrence had naturally attracted the attention of the people within Holy City. Everyone started calling out to their friends to look at the sky. They were soon unable to endure the pressure and even started kneeling on the ground, not daring to lift their heads.

“Lord Chef Sage!” Crazy Sage was the first to call out as he kowtowed.

Everyone was shocked! They looked towards the sky.

The man revealed his face; it was handsome and extraordinary, possessing a noble and stable air that was akin to a great mountain, giving people the impression of reliability.

The woman beside him was wearing an icy blue dress, her noble brows and cold eyes were graceful yet her gaze was like a thousand-year frost. One look and a person would feel as though they have fallen into an ice abyssal.

This was not their true bodies, just a manifestation, yet they looked as real as they can get.

This level of manifestation is different from spirit manifestation; spirit manifestation was akin to the reflection of the moon on the lake surface.

Meanwhile, their current manifestation possessed great divine strength that made them no different from real people.

Moreover, the manifestation of two Sages has never happened before.

When Huan Jiu Li saw the woman, shock and delight coloured his face. He kneeled respectfully and performed a greeting of great respect in demon culture: “Greetings, Your Majesty Phoenix Demon Emperor. May Your Majesty be blessed!”

Huan Qing Yan was startled, that woman is the Phoenix Demon Emperor? Can it be that she is her mother?

Everyone presented held pondering expressions.

Phoenix Emperor and Chef Sage slowly descended in front of the others. Despite a light sweep of their gazes, it made the rest feel as though a thousand kilos was weighing down on them, causing cold sweat to break on their backs.

It was Wine Sage who reacted the quickest and performed a bow: “This junior greets Lord Chef Sage and Lord Phoenix Demon Emperor!”

Only then did the others react; they recollected themselves before each paying their respects.

Phoenix Demon Emperor gave a cold snort and did not reply. It was Chef Sage who stepped forwards instead: “Everyone please rise!”

After some clamour, the two Lord Sages were guided to the head seats. Everyone exchanged glances, none dared to speak.

They were still caught up by the sudden arrival of seniors that had ascended. Even as Half-Sages, they were unable to recover properly from witnessing such an event.

It was Phoenix Demon Emperor who spoke with a cold and clear voice in the end: “This matter is of great importance, why are we still dragging this out? It has been a few centuries and we are still delaying!?”

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