Chapter 1400 – Spirit Supreme Realm

It was targeted at Chef Sage, the impoliteness caused the Half-Sages of Humanity to look displeased.

Chef Sage was not annoyed and gave a good-tempered laugh, “Okay, okay, okay, I will clarify it immediately and not delay this serious affair!” After speaking, his gaze shifted to glance at Huan Qing Yan who was seated as the head of the Demons.

It was such a quick glance that it had nearly gone unnoticed.

Under everyone’s uncertain eyes, he started explaining the purpose of their arrival.

Starting from the very beginning of Spirit Treasure Continent.

Spirit Treasure Continent has an abundance of Spirit Energy. Every few centuries, it would have a batch of talents from the human race or the demon race who are able to sense the laws of heaven and earth and those of them became Sages. As Sages, they would then ascend into a higher realm.

This has never changed for many years.

As for how miraculous was the upper realm that the Sages ascended to, no one knows.

Chef Sage and Phoenix Demon Emperor were amongst the batch of Sages that ascended several centuries ago.

The upper realm is called Spirit Supreme Realm, it also possessed an abundance of Spirit Energy but with a sparse population. Except for the Sages that have ascended, there were virtually no other intelligent life forms in Spirit Supreme Realm that knew how to cultivate.

It was said that the Spirit Supreme Realm was only one of the connecting realms that linked the Spirit Treasure Continent to an even higher-level realm. If the Sages were to focus their cultivation and obtain enlightenment, they would be able to ascend and reach that higher-level realm.

For one to be able to become a Sage, their views and minds were naturally broad. The only obsession that they would have left at their levels was perhaps to ascend to even greater heights.

That was why although the humans and demons ascended via their respective routes, they were peaceful in Spirit Supreme Realm. Each of them could establish a territory and focus their attention on cultivation.

Simply focusing on cultivation was a bitter and long process, that was why the Sages would also meet every century to catch up or exchange experiences and insights of their studies.

Who could have expected a strange phenomenon suddenly appeared within Spirit Supreme Realm one day. A bundle of black energy fell through the Nine Firmament and disappeared after hacking through the protective barrier of Spirit Supreme Realm.

The Sages went to inspect but were unable to identify what caused the anomaly and so left it at that.

Who knew that a century later, during the gathering of Sages, it was discovered that nearly a dozen Sages had failed to attend.

There were no replies no matter how they tried to communicate with their Divine Sense, it was as though they had suddenly disappeared from Spirit Supreme Realm.

The Sages were shocked and started searching, only to discover that half of Spirit Supreme Realm has been enveloped in that black energy.

The black energy was the uninvited guest from the Nine Firmament a century ago.

It refers to itself as the Sky Devil Empress. Her weird Devil Arts were able to break through the defenses of various Sages and she imprisoned them.

She would drain the cultivation and Spirit Energy of the imprisoned Sages periodically and convert them into her own Devil Energy.

As time went by, more and more Sages became restrained by this Sky Devil Empress.

As the days went by, the Sages collected random scraps of information uttered by the Sky Devil Empress and learned that she was an Empress from an upper realm, the Sky Devil Realm. For some unknown reason, she had fallen from the Sky Devil Realm and had arrived at Spirit Supreme Realm.

She was initially on the verge of death with a last tendril of the soul remaining. However, she landed on an unlucky Sage coincidentally and possessed him. Only after draining his cultivation and converting it to Devil Energy, did she manage to make a slight recovery.

The Spirit Energy within Spirit Supreme Realm was not suited for Sky Devil Empress to cultivate, but she could convert Sages’ cultivation to Devil Energy. The Sky Devil Empress naturally would not let go of these Sages which she sees as ants.

She had at first devoured nearly a dozen Sages to restore her strength to twenty percent before attempting to break through the barrier to return to Sky Devil Realm.

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