Chapter 1401 – Child, You Have Suffered Over The Past Years

Yet the Sky Devil Empress discovered that it was impossible to do so with her current strength. Only by returning to her peak would she have a chance at succeeding.

However, the number of Sages within the Spirit Supreme Realm was not many, even if she were to devour all of them, it would only be enough for her to regain half of her peak strength.

Moreover, she would be trapped in Supreme Spirit Realm if she devours all of them without a source to replenish them Sky Devil Empress was afraid she would be trapped in Spirit Supreme Realm forever then.

Sky Devil Empress could only endure and she kept the Sages alive. She forced them to cultivate laboriously before slowly extracting their cultivation in batches.

At this rate, she estimated it would take eight to ten thousand years to fully recover her cultivation.

However, the premise was how long these Sages can live?

Since she cannot throttle them, all she could do was to create more sources. Since demand cannot meet supply, she would just have to bring up the numbers!

Sky Devil Empress turned her sights onto Spirit Treasure Continent. If she can induce the birth of more Sages, would she still need to worry about being unable to return to Sky Devil Realm?

When Sky Devil Empress’s intentions were noticed by the Sages, they worked together and sealed the passage connecting Spirit Treasure Continent and Spirit Supreme Realm when she entered closed-door seclusion. They also sent a message down to warn the cultivators of Spirit Treasure Continent to avoid becoming a Sage.

This had temporarily eased the danger on Spirit Treasure Continent.

However, the crisis has yet to be resolved, the Sages naturally would not idle and wait for their demise.

Amongst them, the Book Sage possessed the greatest cultivation and resourcefulness. He was also proficient with divination and he even exhausted a tier of his cultivation to perform a divination. The outcome shows that the only chance to completely resolve the threat of the Sky Devil Empress lies with Spirit Treasure Continent.

Chef Sage and Phoenix Emperor, a human and a demon, wedded due to this only chance, and a child was born between them. The Sages combined their powers and sent the baby to the lower realm, towards Chef Sage’s Bai Li Clan. They even sent a message to the Bai Li Clan to receive the child and nurture the child to adulthood.

Who knew that everything was witnessed by the Sky Devil Empress. She extracted a shred of her Divine Soul and sent it in pursuit of the baby when it was sent to the lower realm. Intending to push the baby into the time-space tunnel and kill it.

As Chef Sage had placed a supreme treasure to protect the child, the child was able to travel through the time-space tunnel safely but the child was not able to reach the agreed location at the Bai Li Clan.

Sky Devil Empress may not know why the Sages wanted to send the child to Spirit Treasure Continent, but she realized that if her Divine Soul can remain in Spirit Treasure Continent, it would be able to perform great things. She might be able to induce a batch of Sages to ascend and become her sources of cultivation.

That was why she randomly selected a baby on Spirit Treasure Continent and hid her Divine Sense within the baby. She also temporarily confused the bloodline of the baby and used it to replace the child of Chef Sage and Phoenix Emperor.

That child was Bai Li Zi Xi.

However, because Sky Devil Empress used Devil Energy, she was suppressed by the Heavenly Dao. Before the Divine Soul dissipated, it managed to possess the unborn infant within the wife of the Young Mu Rong Patriarch.

When the baby was born, it became Mu Rong Xin Nuo.

After hearing Chef Sage explaining the entire story regarding Sky Devil, everyone was struck with a realization. To think that Mu Rong Xin Nuo had such a great background, no wonder the Half-Sages were unable to detect anything.

Everyone went silent when they heard the shocking news and cannot extricate themselves.

Phoenix Demon Emperor and Chef Sage shifted their gazes onto Huan Qing Yan.

The cold Phoenix Demon Emperor’s gaze turned and filled with a rare gentleness and she waved her hand at Huan Qing Yan: “Child, you have suffered over the past years.”

Huan Qing Yan felt a daze, she thought what she had heard earlier was an illusion. Her mother is Phoenix Demon Emperor and her father is Chef Sage?

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