Chapter 1402 – Jiao Jiao?

That doesn’t that mean she was a Second-Generation Cultivator*? Who can have a status even nobler than her when both of her parents are Sages.

(Cuppa: Wordplay of Second-Generation Nouveau Riche Wealthy Family)

What a joke? Was there any Second-Generation Cultivator that was as tragic as her?

And the origin of all these was the union of her parents, a human and a demon, that caused her sufferings.

Was a mere sentence of you have suffered enough to write off all the pain she had felt?

Huan Qing Yan turned her head away.

A trace of hurt and guilt flashed through the eyes of the Phoenix Demon Emperor as she pursed her lips. As a phoenix that was known for its arrogance and pride, feeling guilty and self-reproach was already her limit.

Asking her to lower herself even further was impossible.

Chef Sage sighed and walked to the front of Huan Qing Yan before slowly speaking: “Child. Father and Mother are at fault, we have caused you to suffer so much…”

Huan Qing Yan looked up and saw the kind and amiable gaze of Chef Sage before coldly smiling: “Since the two of you know everything, how can you watch and allow your own flesh and blood to suffer? Since you can send a message once, why not send it a second time and explain things to me? Only after the Sky Devil has been defeated by us did you come and talk about the deep love between father and child, what irony.” 

Chef Sage’s eyes dulled as unbridled guilt colored his face. His expression turned even more gentle towards Huan Qing Yan and he knew that this daughter had already suffered too many hardships. Her resentment towards him and Phoenix runs deep and is not going to be easily approachable.

When he saw the hot-tempered Phoenix Emperor about to explode upon hearing the criticism from their daughter, he quickly sent a silent message to ask her to endure it for a moment. Regardless of the circumstances, they have indeed wronged the child.

Within the awkward atmosphere, an excited voice came from the pearl hairpin on Huan Qing Yan’s head.

“Ah Jin? Brother Jin?”

A translucent figure shot out from Huan Qing Yan’s head.

Huan Qing Yan had always kept the Flood Dragon Pearl with her. That time when she had turned into an egg, Bai Chen Feng had collected it together and brought it along.

Only after Huan Qing Yan took human form did he return it to her.

That was why Huan Qing Yan had been carrying it all this time.

Chef Sage was shocked when he saw the mini flood dragon.

“Jiao Jiao?”

“That’s right! Brother Jin, I finally met you. I have been waiting for over a thousand years in the lower realm for you. Brother Jin, why haven’t you visited me! And when did you marry a wife, why did you not marry me…” the mini flood dragon happily replied while blinking her eyes.

Everyone was startled at those words. Eh, some romance gossips of the esteemed Chef Sage?

The Phoenix Emperor nearby could not sit still and released a cough.

Chef Sage quickly appeased her, “Yan Niang, Jiao Jiao is a child at heart, she is only joking. Jiao Jiao, I thought you died long ago? How come you appear in this state now?”

The mini flood dragon maintained her cheerfulness while replying with a trace of regret, “I do not know as well. This is my remnant will, it will dissipate when I see Brother Jin one more time. Now that I have met you, I will disappear soon. Brother Jin, if reincarnation exists, marry me in our next life! The current one I will give to you, Great Phoenix. Hehe, Brother Jin, I am so happy to be able to meet you one last time at the end of my life, I thought I no longer had the chance.”

The intrusion of the mini flood dragon had reduced Huan Qing Yan’s resentment towards her parents.

That’s right!

Everyone has their own difficulties, what use is there to remain sad, angry, or hateful?

Why not learn from Jiao Jiao; after waiting for her lover for a millennium, to be delighted at their final meeting without a trace of grievance.

How great.

After a long sigh, Huan Qing Yan regained her peace.

Jiao Jiao also started to dissipate in front of everyone. The mini flood dragon turned into an amiable young lady and joyfully walked away.

Only Huan Qing Yan could hear her last words: “I told you before that I felt cordial when I see you, Little Yan. So you are the daughter of the Man-God, no wonder, no wonder…” her voice dragged out, and it seemed to be swaying.

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