Chapter 1403 – Foolish!

Huan Qing Yan was silent, she did not know what to say in reply.

“This is fine as well. The obsession on my last thread of soul was to meet Man-God another time. My instincts told me that you can help me fulfill my desires and it finally happened today. It can be considered as my final wish coming true, it is time for more to leave…” Jiao Jiao’s voice turned fainter.

Huan Qing Yan called out, “Jiao Jiao? Jiao Jiao?”

Jiao Jiao’s voice slowly dissipated, “My obsession is gone, so it is only natural that I can no longer remain in the world. Thank you, Little Yan…” 

And she was gone.

Even with Huan Qing Yan’s current heart, she could not help but utter a sigh.

After this small interlude, everyone returned to the main topic.

Chef Sage held onto utmost care when he explained to Huan Qing Yan. Apparently, the two of them had made preparations when they had decided to send Huan Qing Yan down to Spirit Treasure Continent.

Chef Sage had worked hard to pass Huan Qing Yan his Sage Treasure, a set made up of a bowl, a cauldron and a knife. After Huan Qing Yan’s Heart Blood was placed on the treasure, it became her Natal Treasure. Allowing him to connect his Divine Sense and to follow her to the lower realm.

Even if she faces dangers in the lower realm, this set of extreme treasures would be able to protect Huan Qing Yan safely. 

Who knew that the Sky Devil Empress had also taken action. Fortunately, the treasures managed to protect Huan Qing Yan and allowed her to survive.

However, Chef Sage received backlash from the treasures and became unconscious.

That was when Phoenix Demon Emperor sent a message to her underling, Golden Wing Roc after sacrificing a large amount of her cultivation. She requested him to infiltrate humanity and guard Huan Qing Yan by her side.

Book Sage also assisted and muddled the heavenly signs to barely conceal Huan Qing Yan, allowing her to avoid Sky Devil Empress’s pursuit.

After that incident, Sky Devil Empress became even more strict with her control measures. Until recently, Sky Devil Empress seemed to have some great plans on Spirit Treasure Continent, she only kept less than twenty percent of her Divine Sense on Spirit Supreme Realm while focusing the remaining on Spirit Treasure Continent.

Also, Huan Jiu Li had sent a message to Phoenix Demon Emperor before opening the passage between the two realms. The two immediately descended to personally meet Huan Qing Yan.

Only now did Huan Qing Yan understand everything. She turned to look at Phoenix Demon Emperor who had turned her head away, but the gaze on her cold face could not help but it shifted and she took a peek back. As though her expression was saying: Aiya, my dear daughter is there. I really want to touch her but I need to maintain my proud image.

This caused Huan Qing Yan to chuckle, the last bit of resentment in her heart dissipated.

Huan Qing Yan pushed Little Treasure, who was behind her, forward: “Little Treasure, call Grandfather and Grandmother!”

Ji Mo An Ning might be mature for his age, but he was still caught in a daze by these grandparents who had literally fallen from the sky.

When he heard his mother’s instruction, he dizzily went forward and bowed. 

Chef Sage revealed an affectionate face and pulled Little Treasure towards him. He sized up Little Treasure before nodding in satisfaction.

The proud Phoenix Demon Emperor could no longer maintain her image and quickly pulled Little Treasure into her arms. Without uttering a single word, she tossed over a dozen Universal Bags out by the side, the acknowledgment of relations was like the spring rain.

While on the other side, the Half-Sages had finally digested the news brought forth by the Sages. A stormy sea surged within their hearts before a wave of fear appeared.

After a long while, Wine Sage spoke: “Lord Sages, now that the Sky Devil has been injured by us but she had escaped. I believe she would not be able to cause much trouble in the immediate future, right?”

Before Chef Sage could reply, Phoenix Demon Emperor coldly snorted: “Foolish! That Sky Devil Empress is an empress from a higher realm. Although it is unknown how come she got severely injured and fell to where we are. She is someone who can treat us Sages as though we are nothing after only recovering around twenty percent of her strength. Yet you believe just a few Half-Sages had defeated her? What a joke!”

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