Chapter 1404 – Rushing Over…

Wine Sage and the rest of the Half-Sages flushed red in embarrassment after being called foolish by Phoenix Demon Emperor. Yet none dared to speak.

They could only look at Chef Sage.

Chef Sage calmly said: “Yan Niang is correct, this Sky Devil Empress is unfathomable and will not be defeated so easily. Her disappearance is likely preparation for a comeback. All of us must be prepared, I am afraid Spirit Treasure Continent will be facing a calamity!”

Since Chef Sage had said as such, everyone believed it and solemn expressions could be seen all around.

At that moment, the sounds of alarm came from the Holy Court, it was the signal of the enemy attacking!

The Sages and Half-Sages all rose and looked at the direction of the Holy Court. In that direction, far away, black energy was spreading out and covering the sky…

Xuan Chu Empire.

Capital City.

The once boisterous city was now filled with desolation.

The wind blew through the empty streets, churning up the leaves that littered the roads that were covered in blood and limbs.

A thick, nauseating stench of blood permeated the entire city.

Everywhere was deathly silent, with some people walking about occasionally. They took limping steps and their actions were slow. 

The flesh on their face looked as though it had been sucked away and was covered in black energy.

A black patch covered the area outside the palace entrance of Capital City. Everyone within the city was gathered there.

The black energy that covered the sky came from the bodies of these people. They were emitted from their heads and gathered at the top of the palace.

It was a mess within the palace.

Corpses littered everywhere, no one in sight.

Only the main palace building held some traces of living people.

Within the main palace, everyone who had escaped from the contamination of the black energy had gathered here; there were only less than two hundred of them.

Other than some royal elites there were only a few elders of the royalty holding the fort, allowing them to barely defend the main palace from being invaded by the Black Energy. 

They have witnessed how only a small trace of this strange berserk black energy can rapidly suck out spirit energy upon coming into contact. It would eventually erode the mind and turn the person into a murderous monster.

This was the third day since Capital City has fallen and the second day they have been trapped in the palace.

The elders performed rotating shifts, not daring to relax the defensive barrier that they established. Although they were safe for now, it was not a long-term plan.

Moreover, they have sent several crane messages out to call for help over the past three days. Aside from how the back energy corrodes and turns the citizens into monsters. Even more serious, was the place where the black energy was first discovered. Everything in that area, be it the earth, the plants, and the water; all got corrupted and converted by the black energy as well.

The atmosphere within the palace hall was tense. After some time, a man wearing the most luxurious attire made the decision: “Our empire is lost, it looks like Spirit Treasure Continent is facing danger. If my guess is correct, this should be the Devil Energy that the Holy Court mentioned. Now that things have come down to this, we can only seek aid from the Holy Court and hope they can offer a ray of salvation for the empire.”

After speaking, the spirit crane in his hand flew away…

Nine State Academy.

It was located in the heart of Central Plains, a prosperous place since ancient times.

The oldest city, Anxi City, was only separated from Nine State Academy by a river. 

The academy has always been the pride of Central Plains, many proud talents have come to seek education in the land known to produce outstanding people. 

Students of the academy would pass through Anxi City daily to enter. On the broad river surface, there were many small boats. Countless peddlers were driving their small boats towards the academy to sell a variety of goods.

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