Chapter 1405 – Urgent!

Anxi City and Nine State Academy were connected tightly by the traffic of small boats and people.

But today, Anxi City was a dead city.

The city gates were wide open while thick black energy was swirling above the city.

The river surface was littered with boat debris while the river was black and foul with corpses of humans and dead fishes floating in it.

The gates of Nine State Academy were tightly shut while the elite disciples and instructors of the academy were stationed at high points.

Within the open grounds of the academy sat terrified citizens who cling to each other with panic expressions as they stared fixedly at the gates.

They were afraid that the black Devil Energy on the other side of the gate burrowing in.

The Academy Dean and several instructors were within the inner halls, their brows locked; even they were helpless about the situation right at their doorstep.

Ever since they discovered black energy, they had transferred everyone from Anxi City who was not contaminated over. They had also established restrictions and defenses along the riverside.

Yet within a few days, the black energy had corroded the river and it looked like the academy could not hold on much longer.

Yet the students and civilians numbered several ten thousand, what should they do?

“It seems that I can only seek help from the Holy Court. I am only worried that with such large-scale Devil Energy erupting, the Holy Court should have known about it and should have already sent people to investigate and rescue. Yet it has been several days, and there is still no movement from the Holy Court, I’m afraid they are also in danger!” Nine State Academy Dean released a long sigh.

One of the instructors said with a sad expression: “There’s no other way. Our academy’s protection aside, food and water is becoming a problem after we bring in the people of the city. We can only try it!”

Another spirit crane flew off into the horizon…

Demon Race.

Ten Thousand Great Mountain.

Tiger Demon Tribe.

The Tiger Demons were once a thriving group and have a great population. When the Tiger Demon Emperor sensed Huan Qing Yan leaving her seclusion, it also did the same.

Yet in just a short few days, it encountered the most difficult period of the tribe’s history.

No one knew where the black energy came from, the weird and tricky tendrils were pervasive.

Just one coming into contact would cause instant widespread contamination.

Looking at its people who had lost their sanity and turned into massacring monsters, the Tiger Demon Emperor made a decisive decision.

It destroyed all those tribe members and sealed the entire tribe before reporting this incident to the rest of the Demon Race…

Holy City.

With Half-Sages holding the fort, the black energy was unable to encroach further in before they were cleansed by the Holy Court.

Although they resolved the trouble temporarily, when looking afar, they could see the boiling black energy surrounding Holy City. It looked as though it was grouping up for an attack, dampening everyone’s mood.

Moreover, countless spirit cranes from all over Spirit Treasure Continent were appearing like snowflakes daily.

All were calling for help! Calling for help! Calling for help!

Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!

In just over a month, the Devil Energy has spread out through the entire Spirit Treasure Continent. Once tainted by Devil Energy, any being would be corroded and transform into a Sky Devil Puppet with no individual intellect and only knows massacre.

Under Chef Sage and Phoenix Demon Emperor’s reminder, Plant Sage went to inspect the sealed Devil Energy Passage. Only to shockingly discover that the passage that they worked hard to barely seal was now shaky.

When Chef Sage went to check as well, his expression turned solemn: “The Sky Devil Empress’s injuries are improving, the more she recovers the more unstable the seal will become. That day after she escaped, she must have scattered Devil Energy everywhere to extract the Spirit Energy of others and used it to heal her injuries. Looking at the current state of the passage, she had at least recovered from half of her injuries.”

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