Chapter 1406 – Seven God Chosen 

Everyone was silent, each of them filled with a sense of powerlessness in their hearts.

The Sky Devil Empress was simply too cunning and difficult. Even after being trapped by so many Half-Sages and even when she was heavily injured, she was able to recover half of her strength in just over a month. There was also the spread of the strange Devil Energy sucking the Spirit Energy of the people of Spirit Treasure Continent to heal said injuries, which also converted all those individuals into Sky Devil Puppets.

At this rate, Spirit Treasure Continent would soon be bagged by one Sky Devil Empress. 

With their current strength, was waiting for their death all they could do?

Many people showed a frustrated look.

The atmosphere within the Holy Court was sluggish.

Crazy Sage could not help to ask: “Lord Chef Sage, then what should we do? Are we really going to just wait and die while that Sky Devil Empress wipes out our Spirit Treasure Continent?”

Chef Sage shook his head: “Of course not. This Sage and Book Sage have fought the Sky Devil Empress for several centuries, we have at least some insights on what can be done. Great Roc…”

He looked at Huan Jiu Li.

Huan Jiu Li bowed and stood forward.

Chef Sage formed a sign with his hand and tightly sealed the building that they were in before nodding at Huan Jiu Li.

Seeing how prudent Chef Sage was acting, the rest became spirited and looked at Huan Jiu Li.

The latter slowly opened his mouth.

At that time when Phoenix Demon Emperor sacrificed nearly half her cultivation to pass Huan Qing Yan’s information to Huan Jiu Li, she had also included a method created by Book Sage to deal with the Sky Devil Empress. 

Huan Qing Yan would be the open card while Huan Jiu Li was the hidden card.

While Huan Jiu Li infiltrated humanity in the name of protecting Huan Qing Yan, he had also gone on to locate the will of the Spirit Treasure Continent, the core and soul of the Spirit Treasure Continent.

After locating the place where the will of the Spirit Treasure Continent was the strongest, seven God Chosens will have to work together to establish the Seven Star Chain Formation while using the Reincarnation Wheel as the formation core. After that, the next step would be to open the passage to the Upper Realm to work hand in hand with the Sages; in this manner, the Half-Sages and Half-Emperors of Spirit Treasure Continent will be able to completely destroy Sky Devil Empress.

Over the past few years, after Huan Jiu Li left Huan Qing Yan, he had returned to the demons and followed the instructions of the secret technique, crafting the formation. Then, he had also opened a passage connecting to the Upper Realm and even found the place where the will of the Spirit Treasure Continent was the strongest.

The preparations were done; what was left was only the final condition.

They only needed to gather seven God Chosen, set up the formation, and lead Sky Devil Empress into the formation. With everyone working together, they would have a seventy percent chance of destroying Sky Devil Empress.

After Huan Jiu Li explained everything, everyone had an idea of what they each had to do next. Currently, the God Chosens in Spirit Treasure Continent; Huan Qing Yan, Nan Gong Bei Cheng, Shang Qiu Meng Qian, Snow Girl, Gnome King Dorna and the perished Ji Mo Ya. No matter who they count, there were only six of them, how to get seven of them? 

Chef Sage grinned when he saw the doubt in everyone’s eyes and pulled Ji Mo An Ning over: “The grandson of this Sage is an innate God Chosen. His Spirit Treasure is the Primordial Divine Beast White Marsh that is born to face this calamity. He is the last God Chosen!”

Everyone was enlightened and excited.

Bai Chen Feng, who was sitting at the corner with a cold expression all this time, suddenly raised his head and revealed a mocking smile: “So what if Little Treasure is a God Chosen? Ji Mo Ya has died, we are still short!”

The cold water had the instant effect of silencing everyone in the room.

After a long while, Wine Sage’s voice appeared: “No matter what, let us gather all the God Chosens first. I would like to trouble Golden Wing Roc Demon Emperor to also pass a message to the Demon Race. Now is the time where the survival of the Spirit Treasure Continent is at stake, our two races have to put away our past differences and work together to overcome this together!”

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