Chapter 1410 – Reincarnated

Wine Sage and Plant Sage quickly rushed over upon learning the news. They paused their steps upon seeing Sage Cai’s look: “Why are you doing this?”

Sage Cai replied with a faint smile: “I would like to trouble Brother Wine to gather the two Lord Sages and the others. This one has an important matter to tell them.”

A short moment later, within the great hall.

Sage Cai had indeed announced a piece of shocking news.

Ji Mo Ya did not die, he had reincarnated!

This was the result after Sage Cai divined for three days by using his lifespan as a sacrifice.

The humans and demons present instantly became excited.

Everything else aside, all they needed to do now was to find the reincarnated Ji Mo Ya. It was fine if he had low cultivation or even no cultivation. With so many Sages and Half-Sages or Emperors present, they would be able to urge a King Spirit Master out; it was as easy as urging a pig!

Everyone fervently looked at Sage Cai, waiting for the latter to reveal the whereabouts of Ji Mo Ya so they could go and pick him up.

However, Sage Cai was only looking at Huan Qing Yan.

When Huan Qing Yan learned that Ji Mo Ya did not die but had reincarnated, an unexplainable feeling surfaced in her heart. There was  relief, there was joy and there was also a kind of inexplicable confusion.

She had hated Ji Mo Ya, hated him to the point of wanting to meet him and be tortured by her thoroughly before her resentment would be appeased.

However, after Ji Mo Ya died. She had let her hatred go, yet there was a constant emptiness somewhere within her heart.

Beside her was Bai Chen Feng, his gaze darkened as an ominous premonition appeared.

He should have realized it earlier, how can a person like Ji Mo Ya die so easily?

The latter must have prepared a way of escape.

What a good scheme, reviving after extinguishing Little Yan’s hatred with his death; thinking he can rebuild old times with Little Yan?

Very good! Ji Mo Ya! You are ruthless!

Hostility churned within Bai Chen Feng’s heart but he had to force it down, all he could do was look at Huan Qing Yan in panic.

Little Yan, what is Little Yan thinking right now? Is she happy? Will she reunite with Ji Mo Ya?

Huan Qing Yan had sensed Bai Chen Feng’s gaze and turned to look at him with a reassuring gaze.

Bai Chen Feng’s anxious heart calmed down.

Ji Mo An Ning was overjoyed when he learned that his father had reincarnated and was still alive. His father had died to save him and because of that, he was constantly blaming himself. 

Upon learning that his father has reincarnated, he immediately grabbed Sage Cai’s hand in reaction. This was the first time he took the initiative to contact Sage Cai after the incident.

“Lord Sage, where is my father? How is he currently? I want to look for him! Please tell me!”

Sage Cai looked at Ji Mo An Ning who was displaying a noble grace that possessed some traces of Ji Mo Ya and instantly felt deep regret again.

How shortsighted was he, the clan patriarch and the elders to have been blinded by some short-term benefits?

When Ji Mo An Ning was just born and left with a shred of life, he was the one that noticed the child’s exceptional talent was no lower than Ji Mo Ya and applied great efforts to save the child.

Yet in the end, how could he completely give up on the child just because his mother, Huan Qing Yan, was a demon?

Deep pondering flashed through Sage Cai’s eyes.

He only recovered after the urging of everyone and patted Ji Mo An Ning’s hand: “Rest assured. Your father is doing well. Just that, to locate your father’s reincarnated form, it will require you and your mother to take action.”

Everyone’s gaze immediately shifted towards Huan Qing Yan.

Bai Chen Feng’s face turned black and stood forward: “What joke is this. Since Sage Cai can divine that Ji Mo Ya had reincarnated and his rough location, you just need to tell us. With so many of us present, we will locate him even if we have to flip through the entire continent. Now that Devil Energy is running rampant throughout the continent, how can we be at ease and let Little Treasure head out?”

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