Chapter 1416 – No One To Hate!

Two-Faced Venerate Emperor, Give Me A Hug: 

He sensed that tendril of divine sense from Spirit Supreme Realm.

Although weak, that soul possessed all the love, all the hatred, all the suffering and pain that he ever possessed in his life.

It occasionally made him jealous while he was in Spirit Supreme Realm. What was it like to have such strong feelings?

After Ji Mo Ya died, he also traveled to the lower realm and merged all his divine soul into the Carrot Demon. After the two memories merged, he was able to feel all the joy and sorrow that his reincarnation felt.

His heart could not help but be shocked!

The heart that has always been firm has been affected by those feelings unknowingly.

Just like at this moment, the eyes looking at Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo An Ning were gentler than ever before; throbbing and with hidden joy.

He seems to be divided into two halves.

Half was emotion, the other half was intellect.

Those feelings were excitable, as though it was on the verge of running out. He wants to embrace the woman he once loved so much in front of him, and do that to his own blood too.

Yet ruthless reasoning suppressed the emotions.

As the Book Sage, he must remain calm at all times for the future of the people of Spirit Treasure Continent and Spirit Supreme Realm, and not be dazzled by these strong emotions!

It was just that at that very moment when he was looking at Huan Qing Yan’s eyes towards him. It no longer was the same as in the past, the eyes that shined like the starry sky with only one person in them.

He, as both Book Sage and Ji Mo Ya, felt complicated.

After explaining the causes and consequences of everything, he hesitated for a moment due to the shocked eyes of Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo An Ning and finally said: “We are all walking in the path of heaven, destiny plays tricks on people. Huan Qing Yan, the most important thing now is how to deal with it and save all living beings. Have your father, Chef Sage, and mother, Phoenix Emperor, manifested in the lower realms?”


Huan Qing Yan only felt lost, anger, and sadness!

Who am I? Who is Ji Mo Ya? Who is everyone?

They were all just chess pieces being controlled!

She is miserable, but Ji Mo Ya was even more so!

He was involuntarily controlled by the so-called destiny and responsibility all his life, and even his feelings were being controlled.

Thinking about it now, she suddenly felt her heart aching; for herself, for Ji Mo Ya, and for Little Treasure!

What is this family of hers?

She finally understood why her husband, who was still affectionate one day before, had suddenly changed and ruthlessly cut off their relationship just by listening to the outsiders’ slandering.

She could also understand how Ji Mo Ya must have hated himself after waking up and him regretting it. Letting the regret and pain gnaw his heart every night.

Wanting to die to achieve relief in the end!

She understood it! She understood everything!

But that Ji Mo Ya, whose love for her has never changed, is dead!

Thinking of this, she felt grief in her heart, but she would no longer cry. Even if she felt more pain, regrets, more sadness, she would no longer shed a single tear.

With red eyes, Huan Qing Yan stared at this familiar yet unfamiliar face in front of her. He is Ji Mo Ya, but also not Ji Mo Ya.

There was still love in his eyes; that was Ji Mo Ya’s obsession, but there was even more calmness and rationality from the unshakable heart of the Book Sage who has lived for thousands of years.

She wanted to hate, but found no one to hate!

Wanted to complain, but has no one to complain to!

Only at that moment, did Huan Qing Yan finally understand that feeling of deep-seated solidarity and loneliness.

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