Chapter 1415 – Admiring Heart

When the girl grew up, she was so crude, so greedy; like a pig and she soon had herself killed.

And Ji Mo Ya, who was the reincarnated Book Sage, had sensed where the girl could be. When he found her and discovered that the soul was different and was not the destined person. He could only leave.

He was destroyed by two Demon Kings on the way, in Five Black Mountains.

Book Sage’s divine soul returned to Spirit Supreme Realm.

The mission failed and due to helplessness, the Book Sage and other sages joined forces to reverse time and space to the moment when the girl was sent to the lower realm.    

Chef Sage used his Core Magic Treasure and half of his cultivation to block Sky Devil Empress’s attack on the girl, enabling them to bring the child’s soul back from the time-space crack.

The Book Sage concealed this secret and returned the girl’s soul to her body.

However, a small mishap happened in between, due to the difference in the flow of time between the two dimensions, the girl’s soul had spent nearly two decades within the other dimension. 

And because of the chaos within time and space, the soul that had been stuffed in by the Sky Devil Empress and who had then died; she was unexpectedly brought back to life as well.

That was how the incident of two souls sharing one body happened.

When she heard this, Huan Qing Yan understood that this was how the entanglement between her and the original Huan Qing Yan came about.

It turned out that she was the real Huan Qing Yan, but because of Sky Devil Empress, she had to live in another dimension for more than ten years before returning to her own time and space.

With the real Huan Qing Yan returned, everything slowly proceeded as planned by the Book Sage.

The divine sense he left behind was for a purpose and naturally had a favorable impression of Huan Qing Yan.

As for Huan Qing Yan, she was also born for the reincarnated Book Sage, it naturally developed into love at first sight and was something deeply rooted.

Although there were tribulations, separations, and misunderstandings between the two, their desire to be together and love for each other has never changed.

Even as time passed, the bond between the two was very strong; Book Sage had originally believed that he could control the feelings of his reincarnation.

However, the most uncontrollable things in this world are those from the heart and feelings people have for one another.

He watched Ji Mo Ya sinking deeper and deeper. As expected of a match made in heaven and born to face a catastrophe. For the sake of Huan Qing Yan, he had even given up his clan and preferred to live in seclusion.

The Book Sage became anxious. Ji Mo Ya’s feelings for Huan Qingyan were too deep and too strong, he was unwilling to allow any harm to befall her, so he tried his best to protect her under his wings.

This resulted in Huan Qing Yan’s growth becoming greatly delayed.

If time and space had not been reversed, the Book Sage could allow Huan Qingyan to grow slowly and become a Half-sage before awakening her demon bloodline.

However, after reversing time and space, Sky Devil Empress seemed to have become aware of something. She increased her absorption of everyone’s cultivation base and gradually strengthened her invasion and control of Spirit Treasure Continent.

If Huan Qing Yan was unable to grow quickly, the mission this time would fail again and they no longer have a chance to reverse time and space again.

Feeling helpless, Book Sage could only take advantage of the situation during the battle between humanity and demonkind and blinded Ji Mo Ya’s sanity while magnifying his hatred towards demons thus making him break up with Huan Qing Yan.

This forced Huan Qing Yan to return to the demons, allowing her to awaken her demon bloodline and become a Demon Emperor!

He knew that doing this would wrong Huan Qing Yan. Afterwards, looking at Huan Qing Yan suffering and having to watch Ji Mo Ya living a life of regrets; that was worse than death.

He is a Sage. From birth to ascension, his feelings have always been indifferent. Other than cultivation, other than the Great Dao and that innate responsibility of guardianship, he has never felt such strong feelings before.

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