Chapter 1414 – Book Sage?

After a long time, Huan Qing Yan broke the silence: “You have recovered your memory? You should also know about the Sky Devil Empress, right?”

Although it was a question, the tone was affirmative.

Ji Mo Ya nodded.

“Since you already know, let’s not delay any further and set off. Everyone is waiting for us in the Holy Court!” Huan Qing Yan did not want to waste her breath and straightaway stood up after speaking.

Ji Mo Ya’s hand pressed lightly in the air, an invisible force pressed Huan Qing Yan’s newly raised body back to the stone bench.

Huan Qingyan’s eyes turned sharp, that’s not right! Even if Ji Mo Ya had reincarnated and recovered all his strength, it would still be impossible to suppress herself with one move!

Who is this Ji Mo Ya in front of me?

She did not even realize the bit of panic in her eyes.

Ji Mo Ya gave a wry smile, ” Let me reintroduce myself. I am Ji Mo Ya, but I am also the first realm master that ascended from the Spirit Treasure Continent to the Spiritual Supreme World, the Book Sage Emperor!”

“What?” Huan Qingyan thought she was having auditory hallucinations, this Ji Mo Ya, he said he was the Book Sage? What a joke!

No, she recalled that Ji Mo Ya’s mother, Madam Ru. The latter was very harsh towards Ji Mo Ya because she dreamed that a god reincarnated as Ji Mo Ya, right?

Could it be that the so-called reincarnated god was the Book Sage?

Her eyes clearly and plainly told Ji Mo Ya, also the Book Sage, of what she thought.

Ji Mo Ya nodded.

It turned out that on the day where Ji Mo Ya sacrificed himself to rescue Huan Qing Yan and Little Treasure, the Carrot Demon Qing Luo had broken through at the same time.

That was all pre-planned by him, using the Ginseng Spirit Treasure to become a demon. Intending to abandon the identity of a human and discarding the Dragon Spirit Treasure. Using the identity of a demon from then on to accompany Huan Qing Yan and his son again…

Firstly, it would fulfill the righteousness of the human race and take into consideration the reputation of humanity.

Secondly, he also wanted to recover his wife and child, vowing to himself to do so.

Then, after the breakthrough…

Two unfamiliar memories suddenly appeared in the Carrot Demon Qing Luo’s mind, one of which belonged to Ji Mo Ya and the other belonged to Book Sage.

After combining the memories of the two, a brand new Ji Mo Ya was born.

The original intention was no longer worth mentioning.

All the mysteries, the causes, and the consequences of everything that has happened were completely clearer at that moment…

Everything that happened on the Spirit Treasure Continent… was the result of Book Sage’s calculations.

They were being imprisoned by the Sky Devil Empress in the realm of Spirit Supreme Realm which was existing as a cauldron while living a life as good as spirit pills were worse than death and without any dignity.

As Sages, they were naturally unwilling to continue like this. They have resisted but were still suppressed, countless times.

If the Sky Devil Empress had not needed them alive to increase her cultivation base, they would likely have been killed by her long ago.

After fighting against her repeatedly, Book Sage realized that it was impossible to outpower Sky Devil Empress, they could only outsmart her.

He was proficient in divination and fortune-telling and so he managed to discover a glimmer of hope.

Based on the divination, he calculated the two sages who were most suitable to produce the mother of that glimmer of hope, Chef Sage and Phoenix Demon Emperor.

Book Sage persuaded them to give birth to a girl for the sake of defeating Sky Devil Empress.

Then he sent the girl to Spirit Treasure Continent and used a secret technique that allowed a shred of his divine soul to reincarnate into the Ji Mo Clan as Ji Mo Ya.

If there is no accident, his reincarnation and the girl will marry after they grow up and they will give birth to a child who will be born with the Divine Beast White Marsh possesses the ability to suppress and weaken the Sky Devil.

Due to insufficient preparations the first time, the Sky Devil Empress intervened in the middle. After the girl passed through the cracks in time and space, her soul was lost. Sky Devil Empress captured a living soul from somewhere and had stuffed it into the body of the girl.

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