Chapter 1413 – You Came!

Bai Chen Feng gulped and respectfully nodded: “It is this junior’s honor to receive the teachings of Lord Sage, there is no reason for me to reject!”

The final word! The dust settles!

Bai Chen Feng could only smile as he watched Little Yan take Little Treasure away to search for Ji Mo Ya and he could only stay with a bleeding heart!

With such a clear hint from Sage Cai, Huan Qing Yan’s goal was very clear.

Charging straight to the demon race.

With only a few inquiries, she heard the news that the Carrot Demon was in retreat at a certain location.

Although she hadn’t figured out the feelings in her heart, Huan Qing Yan quickly rushed to the place where the Carrot Demon was in retreat with Xiaobao.

It was not too far from the Lion Demon Tribe’s imperial palace. It was one of the better cave estates of the tribe.

Before leaving the demon lands, Huan Qing Yan and Bai Chen Feng had displayed positive attitudes towards the Carrot Demon. His status within the Lion Demon Tribe, or even amongst the demon race, was not low.

Huan Qing Yan had thought up countless possible scenes of when the two met, but she did not expect it to be like this.

At the entrance of the cave, a familiar figure seemed to be waiting for the arrival of the mother and son. After approaching, he smiled slightly, as if he was greeting a friend: “You came!”

Huan Qing Yan, who was still feeling a little bit unsure of what to do, suddenly calmed down due to that familiar and gentle smile. It seems that at this moment, all that love, hate and infatuation have really become the past.

Her heart was extremely peaceful as she looked at Qing Luo in front of her, who was also Ji Mo Ya.

It was unknown if it was because of the reincarnation, Qing Luo’s appearance was now very similar to Ji Mo Ya, but it also seems to be a little different.

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes were now deeper, full of wisdom. His lips were slightly upturned and his smile was like a spring breeze. The temperament of his entire person was completely different from the previous Qing Luo.

Compared with Ji Mo Ya in the past, it was a little calmer with a kind of elegance and nobleness exuding from the bones that overlook life.

The eyes looking at her and Little Treasure were moving, tender, and considerate! There was also an illusion of standing high above, akin to the clouds that were beyond the imagination of mortals.

He is Ji Mo Ya, but also not Ji Mo Ya!

Huan Qingyan had a sudden sobering realization after seeing such an image.

She took a step back and pulled Ji Mo An Ning, who was very excited to rush over, behind her, and said vigilantly: “Who are you?”

Ji Mo Ya showed a mysterious smile, “I am Ji Mo Ya, but also not Ji Mo Ya!”

The words raised the vigilance within Huan Qingyan’s heart, “What’s the explanation for this?”

Ji Mo Ya made an inviting gesture, the posture was very elegant, like clouds and flowing water. It even possessed a slightly more indescribable suaveness than the previous Ji Mo Ya.

Huan Qing Yan hesitates a bit.

Ji Mo Ya smiled slightly: “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt the two of you. If you are still worried, we can talk here.”

He turned out to be very empathetic.

Huan Qing Yan gritted her teeth; the Ji Mo Ya in front of her was very mysterious, making people unable to see through him. 

Except for the eyes that looked at her and Little Treasure, which was missing the joyful or moved feelings that she had imagined it would have, she could not feel any malice.

With her current cultivation base, apart from her biological parents and the Sky Devil Empress, she believed that no one was her opponent in the Spirit Treasure Continent.

There was nothing to be afraid of!

After thinking about it, she walked into the cave with Ji Mo An Ning.

The cave estate looked like a snow cave and without much decoration; only a table with a pot of Spirit Tea on it and a few stone benches.

The three of them divided themselves and sat down, Ji Mo An Ning looked at this strange yet familiar father, and then at his mother who had been vigilant, and the inexplicable atmosphere between the two. For a while, all of them did not know what to say…

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