Chapter 1419 – The Grass Disappears

At this moment, Bai Chen Feng recalled the compassionate eyes of Chef Sage and Phoenix Demon Emperor who seemed to see everything through.

They told him that he was the reincarnation of the guardian of the Revolving Wheel Platform, and he had to guard it in each life. His blood was born for the Revolving Wheel Platform, and once he leaves, it will disappear.

Before they were finished with their words, Bai Chen Feng had already understood what it meant.

Looking at Huan Qing Yan at this moment, Bai Chen Feng’s heart felt as though it had just gotten slashed by knives, but his face looked as if nothing had happened.

He doesn’t want to think about the future, just let time stay in this moment.

Outside Holy City.

Countless refugees of Spirit Treasure Continent have brought their families and gathered at the gate of the Holy City, their faces were covered in dirt and sadness.

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With Spirit Treasure Continent now almost raging with Devil Energy, the residents of the entire Spirit Treasure Continent have placed their last hope on the Holy City.

The Half-Sages and the Eight Great Families were there, with them around, at least they would be some resistance to the Devil Energy?

That was the only hope of the human race, the only holy land.

Countless residents who had escaped the Devil Energy by chance had trekked through mountains and rivers, marching thousands of miles towards the Holy City.

Along the way, they could be corroded by the Devil Energy or even attacked by people corroded by Devil Energy.

Only half of them managed to reach Holy City alive.

These refugees looked numb and covered in dust. All their hopes were pinned on Holy City’s gates opening to let them in.

The refugees who first arrived had been at the gate of the city for about four or five days.

They had arrived full of expectations but only saw that the gate of the city shut tight, they wanted to enter the Holy City, but they were turned away

The refugees were angry and desperate. If they cannot enter the Holy City, where can they hide?

Where can they go?

The desperate refugees can only live in the area under the city wall.

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Every day, more refugees infected by Devil Energy would die, leaving behind old people who have nothing to rely on, or babies waiting to be fed.

Outside the city gate, there was a gloomy cloud as the shadow of death hung over the refugees’ heads.

Every day, one can only rely on the food and water airdropped by the Holy City to make ends meet.

Those refugees who were infected by the Devil Energy were also eliminated in time by the Holy Court and the elites of the eight families and then purified.

But all these efforts were like a drop in the bucket.

There were more and more refugees rushing to the Holy City, the radius ten miles out from Holy City was almost surrounded by refugees.

The repelling formation within the Holy City had been opened long ago. In addition to protecting the city from being corroded by the Devil Energy, it was also barely able to envelop the nearby refugees in it as well.

The Golden Spirit Energy required for the repelling formation was getting lesser and lesser. At this rate, within half a month, not only the refugees outside but also the Holy City will lose that protection.

Spirit Treasure Continent was now engulfed in black air.

The heavy casualties were not limited to the human race; even the demon race with their slightly stronger physique resistance against Devil Energy was also slowly being corrupted, causing panic to spread within the Demon Race.

The current Spirit Treasure Continent was like a purgatory; full of human race and demon race wailing and fleeing.

Turned into Devil Puppets who held no consciousness and only had the intent to kill.

The earth was eroded by the black air, the vegetation on it had begun to wither and the grass was gradually disappearing.

The river water was also polluted, it was black and smelly.

Even the sky has greyed, even the sun was covered.

Half of the scouts sent by the Holy Court to patrol in various places were lost due to the Devil Energy.

The rare few that escaped back to the Holy City were mostly left only with half their lives.

It was not optimistic everywhere, the empires and academies were now deserted.

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