Chapter 1420 – Sinner!

Those who were a little capable were slowly rushing towards the Holy City after they managed to protect themselves.

This place was the last hope of humanity.

The Half-Sages could no longer sit still.

They had planned to wait for the Witch to come to their door, so they could make better preparations and build more confidence.

Now it seems that the Witch was spreading demonic energy everywhere in an attempt to destroy the human race and the demon race entirely.

With such a vicious method, they cannot sit around and wait forever, they must draw the Witch out and fight to the death!

But if there was to be a decisive battle with the Witch, how do they deal with the residents of the Holy City and the refugees outside?

How to lure the Witch out was the question.

The Half-Sages frowned.

It was at that moment, Ji Mo Ya, who has not spoken much since coming back, spoke out…

On the second day, the Holy City made an announcement.

From now on, within the next three days, all residents of the city have to evacuate from the Holy City.

The Holy Court and the Eight Great Clans would send forces to protect the residents and refugees outside and evacuate them to a small city a few hundred miles away from the Holy City.

It was once the Sacrificial City of the Holy City. Its geographical location made it easy to defend and difficult to attack. It was once glorious and was regarded as the earliest sacred place on Spirit Treasure Continent, but it was abandoned because of its remote location and other various reasons.

Only that place could barely accommodate the residents and refugees of the Holy City now.

The inhabitants of the Holy City felt as though the sky was falling.

They have seen the tragic situation of the refugees outside the city every day. They felt very lucky that they were fortunate to live within the Holy City and enjoy peace and security under the blessing of the Holy Court.

However, everyone panicked when the Holy Court suddenly announced that the city could no longer hold and that it was going to evacuate.

Some did not believe, some despaired after believing, but most of them were dazed and did not know what to do.

In their hearts, the Holy City was the last barrier, and now the last barrier was gone. How could that old and small Sacrificial City be safer than Holy City?

Didn’t this mean that such a big world no longer has a place for them to stay?

However, no matter how panicked and filled with disbelief they were, they saw a large number of Holy Court disciples leaving in advance to make preparations at the small Sacrificial City after the announcement.

Along with them were members of the Eight Great Clans.

What was more, when the refugees outside the city heard that even the Holy City could not hold back and had to evacuate to the Sacrificial City, they got even more desperate.

However, it was safer to have the power of the Holy Court and the eight clans to protect them on the way than to travel alone.

At this moment, the Holy Court was the last piece of driftwood for them.

The refugees did not care much anymore, one after another they followed behind the advance party made up of the disciples of the Holy Court and simply tagged along.

When the residents of the Holy City saw that everyone had left, they were afraid it would be too late for them if they still remain. They also hurriedly packed their luggage and followed behind.

Just as the residents followed the Holy Court’s forces and were leaving the city one after another.

The large group’s way was blocked when they reached the gate of the city.

At the gate of the city, people from the Nan Gong clan were gathered and seemingly arguing about something.

Among them was a young man who could be described as handsome and extraordinary, but looked pale.

“Patriarch, you can go with us! As long as we still have a breath, we won’t leave the patriarch behind!”

“Patriarch, don’t worry, I will carry you on my back, and I will carry you to the Sacrificial City! “



Nan Gong Bei Chen was pale, he looked at his clan members with a smile, and shook his head firmly in refusal: “Go, leave me!”

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