Chapter 1421 – What Is There To Be Afraid Of!

“I am seriously injured now. Not only can I not protect you along the way, but I will also drag you down! What’s more, the Witch and I used to live together and should have locked on to my energy long ago. If I go with you, I’m afraid the Witch will find out and expose everyone’s whereabouts! Won’t I become a sinner of the human race! Don’t say anymore, just go!”


The Nan Gong Clan were not the only ones that felt sad, the eyes of the people next to them were also tearing and red.

This Patriarch Nan Gong was a true man, he dug out his Heart Union Knot to seriously hurt the Witch and up till now, the injury has still not healed.

For everyone, he even gave up the last hope of this life!

“Quickly go! Stop being wishy-washy, time is running out. If you don’t go now and block the way of others behind, won’t it delay everyone? If you still recognize me as the patriarch, just leave!”

Nan Gong Bei Chen yelled at the end.

Each of the Nan Gong Clan members knelt down with tears and gave the highest salute to Nan Gong Bei Chen before walking away, turning their heads with every step they took.

Nan Gong Bei Chen stood there like a pole and watched his clan members walk away.

After the Nan Gong Clan members left, the people behind followed, they would bow and salute to him while passing by his side, before leaving silently.

Several Half-Sages have their own division of labor, some were opening the way in the front, some were protecting the middle, and some were guarding the tail.

At this moment, it was Plant Sage standing guard. He patted Nan Gong Bei Chen on the shoulder when he passed by, only exchanging gazes without saying anything.

Within a few days, the huge Holy City quickly became deserted and empty; no, only one person was left.

When the last of the residents and guards of the Holy Court have walked far out of the Holy City. They saw a figure standing upright on the top of the tallest tower in the middle of the city.

Only when the last group of people disappeared from his sight did Nan Gong Bei Chen scan the whole city again with his spiritual sense, and confirm nothing was left.

Then he said: “They have all gone, come out!”

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The space behind him distorted, and dozens of figures emerged from the distorted space.

Wine Sage patted Nan Gong Bei Chen’s shoulder with a guilty look: “I’ve wronged you this time. When the Sky Devil is defeated, the Holy Court will clear your name!”

Nan Gong Bei Chen chuckled; he, Nan Gong Bei Chen, was upright and has a clear conscience, what is there to be afraid of!

On the contrary, Plant Sage was more careful: “Have you found any suspicious person?”

Nan Gong Bei Chen nodded: “Among the people leaving the city, about a dozen suspicious people were found. Soon after leaving the city, they split up and left in three directions. If our guess is correct, I’m afraid these people are planted by the Witch. They know we have given up on the Holy City and I have remained here alone. I am afraid that the Witch will be arriving soon!”

“That’s good! Endure a few days, when the Witch arrives, we will immediately activate the formation!” Wine Sage instructed.

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“Everyone better be cautious, it is a critical moment now, don’t reveal any traces! Everyone should quickly enter Qing Yan’s dimension for a few days and wait for notification!” Huan Jiu Li looked at the sky and suggested.

At the critical juncture, they were all people who could see the big picture and did not say much. They only wished Nan Gong Bei Chen to be careful before Huan Qingyan took them into the dimension one by one.

She has a Half Demon Emperor’s cultivation base now, and Chef Sage had also privately taught her how to use the dimension when he descended into the lower realm.

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