Chapter 183 – Grass Is Growing

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Hou San Hao grabbed the cup in front of him and threw it at the head of one of the persons speaking, “F*ck, what did you say about this daddy?”

Due to the influence of alcohol, his vision was blurry, so his cup did not hit its target.

There were four men seated on every side of a small square table, they were all dressed luxuriously but none of them were familiar faces of this establishment.

The four men were not afraid of him, “Didn’t you hear what we said?”

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“If you are a man, how could you allow someone else to steal your fiancé? Green grass is growing on your head, yet you still have the leisure to stay here to enjoy wine, aren’t you afraid of others mocking you?!”

“Exactly, stop staying here and stealing the ‘Flowers’ from us. Those ‘Flowers’ are also people of passion, they would never want to spend their time with a trash who could not even hold on to his own wife.”

“You guys should stop telling him off, he is also rather pitiful. A grown man like him only knew how to drown his sorrows with alcohol, who knows, he might be crying when he was alone at home…”


In his drunk state, Hou San Hao’s emotions were also amplified, his face flushed red while both his eyes began to turn red.

“The few of you are truly courageous! Don’t think of leaving this place alive today. Since all your mouths are cheap, let this daddy tear your mouths away from you…”

As he spoke, he had reached one of the men and lifted his collar and planned to throw a punch.

Who knew that the person had an agile body and managed to avoid his attack by slipping out of his hold.

Hou San Hao slipped and fell after hitting air.

The people in the surroundings all got alarmed and began to scramble away from the commotion.

When the Old Madam saw it, they quickly brought several burly men over, they quickly helped Hou San Hao up and said, “My dear Young Master Hou, why the violence, if you continue to be like…”

“These old chumps must be tired of living, quickly capture them, catch them! This daddy will reward you handsomely!” Hou San Hao was at the peak of his anger.

As he was under house arrest, when he sneaked out, he did not bring any bodyguards along with him.

“Young Master Hou truly has a big temper. If you are really that powerful, why has nobody seen you making a scene at the Ninth Prince Estate? You are just a white elephant, a useless trash!”

As the four customers spoke, one of them took out ten pieces of gold and threw it at the Old Madam, “We came to Winter Jasmine Court to enjoy some drinks, I am sure you know how to do a proper business.”

When the Old Madam saw the money, her heart was in great joy, rich customers like them were people she would never want to offend easily.

“Young Master Hou, look. This one is here to do business, since this customer did not use violence, there is no reason for me to make them leave. In addition, you are also not hurt…”

Hou San Hao was already trembling in anger, ten pieces of gold was an amount that even he himself was unable to produce.

He could not blame the Old Madam for not siding with him!

Every time he visited this place it would be on tab, even though she went to the Hou Estate to collect payment, it was always after experiencing a series of delays and troubles.

Therefore, without waiting for Hou San Hao’s reply, she quickly said towards a group of ladies, “Chun Hua, Qiu Yue, quickly bring Young Master Hou to a room to rest, Young Master Hou is drunk.”

Chun Hua and Qiu Yue quickly walked over, however, as they walked past a table, they were pulled by the hands of another two customers.

The two customers were two skinny looking young masters, they were enjoying their wine while enjoying the drama in front of them.

One of the customers brought out fifty pieces of silver and placed it on the table, “My dear ladies, come drink with us! Why bother spending time with a trash who could not even keep his own woman…”

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