Chapter 184 – Good!

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Chun Hua and Qiu Yue were in great joy; competition was fierce as there were many girls working in the Winter Jasmine Court, it was also rare to meet generous customers.

They immediately sat down.

When the Old Madam saw the situation, she got slightly embarrassed and quickly called other girls over…

Hou San Hao was fuming beyond words on the floor, not only were the other customers belittling him, even the girls working in Winter Jasmine Court were doing the same?

It was all because Lord Ninth Prince stole his fiancé!

His fiancé was not only beautiful and dainty, she also awakened a spirit treasure with Egg-Star Talent, Hou San Hao would be well respected by everyone when she was with him!

Unfortunately, the situation now had turned him into everyone’s laughing stock. Even the prostitutes within the Winter Jasmine Court looked down on him. What’s the point of living now?

All the pent-up frustrations he had accumulated since the incident happened had exploded out in an instant.

“Good!” Hou San Hao roared, “All of you are looking down on this Young Master! This Young Master is afraid of Lord Ninth Prince? This Young Master shall now go meet Bai Cheng Feng and demand the return of my fiancé…”

The skinny Young Master that stopped Chun Hua and Qiu Yue was actually Huan Qing Yan in disguise, she slapped the table loudly and said, “Good! You have a backbone! That is what I call a real man, I respect that! Chun Hua, pass this cup of wine to Young Master Hou so I can give him a toast of respect.”

Hou San Hao was at the peak of his emotions, as a result, he downed the cup of strong wine in one shot when Chun Hua handed it to him.

“Since Young Master Hou has displayed such courage and everyone here are fellow men with the same ‘flower’ interests, everyone meeting today could be said to be a sort of fated encounter. So, I suggest that we should all accompany Young Master Hou to the Ninth Prince Estate to demand for an answer! Everyone of us here are men of status, would we be afraid of the Ninth Prince? What does everyone think about this?”

The group of four, who initially mocked Hou San Hao, took the lead and replied, “Good! We will go as well, the law does not separate princes or commoners, justice is on our side. Young Master Hou, the few of us have spoken out of turn earlier on, we would like to apologize for that. Hope you allow us to assist and support you.”

Being heavily influenced by alcohol, getting agitated a second earlier and receiving praises the next, had caused Hou San Hao to completely lose his ability to think logically.

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The other customers of Winter Jasmine Court had also had their fair share of alcohol, so the idea of being able to see a good show grew as the crowd became boisterous.

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Romantic scandals that involved royalty, how could such an incident not ignite everyone’s burning soul of gossiping?

What they were afraid of the most at this very moment, was being unable to enjoy a good show.

Therefore, these group of people headed towards the Ninth Prince Estate in a grandiose manner.  

When they were reaching the Ninth Prince Estate, the disguised Huan Qing Yan and Luo Qiao quickly entered a nearby inn to book a room and change their appearances again.

They changed their image into two lowly commoners before they secretly joined the boisterous group again.

The group reached the entrance of the Ninth Prince Estate.

The guards of the estate prevented them from moving further…

“What are all of you doing here for? This is the estate of the Ninth Prince and not a place for you to trespass.”

Hou San Hao loudly replied, “Hou San Hao wishes to meet Lord Ninth, I am told that my fiancé Huan Meng Yue is currently a guest within Lord Ninth’s estate, this Young Master is here to bring my fiancé back…”

One of the guards coldly said, “Hou San Hao, do you know what you are talking about? Miss Huan Meng Yue is Lord Ninth’s woman, you should be careful, a loose tongue causes many troubles!”

The words caused Hou San Hao to slightly awaken from his drunken state, causing his actions to hesitate for a moment.

The words ‘A loose tongue causes many troubles’, reminded him that he was unable to shoulder the outcome.

Just as he was feeling hesitant, he heard a conversation from behind him, “So Lord Ninth had already ‘conquered’ her… tsk tsk tsk, the green hat is becoming larger!”

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