Chapter 185 – Annoyance

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“Even if he got her back, she might be already carrying ‘goods’ inside. When the child is born, will the child’s family name be Hou or Bai?”

“It must be a true work of fate for Young Master Hou and Lord Ninth to be sharing the same woman, it could be considered as having Lord Ninth as his backer. But something’s not right, it is said that the Hou Family supports the Crown Prince, the Crown Prince should be the Hou Family’s backer instead, there’s no reason for them to get Lord Ninth to be their backer…”

Hou San Hao’s courage was once again inflated; since he was not allowed to enter the estate, he shall unleash his resentment on the spot and said loudly, “Bai Cheng Feng! Does being a noble prince mean you are allowed maliciously rob a person of his wife? Our Hou Family was bestowed a hereditary nobility because we have contributed greatly to the Hanging Cloud Empire! However today, because of lust, you ignored the laws of our country for one woman, you stepped on my Hou Family, I would rather die than be disgraced! Today, you must come out and give everyone a proper explanation!”

The guards wanted to approach Hou San Hao and send far him away but the brothel customers that accompanied Hou San Hao had surrounded him to form a protective barrier with him at the center. This caused the guards to be unable to get close to him. when the guards tried to force their way in, they shouted, “Everyone, come quick! Lord Ninth took an engaged woman and is now trying to prevent her fiancé from getting her back!”

“The laws of the Hanging Cloud Empire have stated that commoners and nobles are to be judged equally, but it looks like it is fake!”


After a few shouts, the crowd gathering outside the Ninth Prince estate began to increase rapidly.

Huan Qing Yan and Luo Qiao were hidden within the growing crowd, Huan Qing Yan said to Luo Qiao, “The situation has ripened, tell the four fellas to retreat when they find a chance. Instruct them to leave the capital after they received the silvers and to hide in their hometown for the time being.”

Luo Qiao followed the instructions.

The four men who provoked Hou San Hao in Winter Jasmine Court were actually the most loyal servants of the Huan Estate that were personally handpicked by Luo Qiao.

Outside the gate of the Ninth Prince’s Estate, the crowd gathered had reached an extremely packed state.

The matter regarding the Ninth Prince snatching the wife of another had attracted a strong response.

Huan Qing Yan smiled coldly, Huan Meng Yue would definitely be unable to stay inside and hide.

Huan Meng Yue wanted to play dirty with her? This is now her counterattack!

As expected, as Hou San Hao was at the height of his ranting, the doors of the Ninth Prince Estate slowly opened.

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Bai Cheng Feng and Huan Meng Yue came out hand in hand. Bai Cheng Feng walked straight with sharp eyes, a powerful tyrannical aura was being emitted from him.

Huan Meng Yue was slender and petite; her palm size face, snow white skin, beautiful looks and gentle gaze was also unmatched.

If no one knew the truth and saw them walking down the streets, they would surely say that they were a match made in heaven!

However now, what everyone saw was full-fledged adultery.

“Who is causing a scene?” Bai Cheng Feng said in annoyance.

The sounds from the crowd stopped.

When Hou San Hao saw Lord Ninth, a tinge of panic began to well up in his heart without reason. However, he knew that he could no longer retreat now that things had reached this state, he steeled his heart and said, “Lady Meng Yue is this one’s fiancée, I hope my Lord would be magnanimous…”

Huan Meng Yue displayed an expression of disgust and broke his speech, “Hou San Hao, who is your fiancée? This lady has never met you before, stop trying to tarnish my reputation.”

“Lady Huan, how could you say that when we have already exchanged our birth characters and have also given the Huan Estate the betrothal gifts. What’s more, we had a chanced encounter before and were attracted to each other, why did you deny it? Is Lord Ninth forcing you?”

Hou San Hao had always believed that it was Huan Meng Yue who liked him first, if not, why would she send someone to find him to arrange an engagement with the Huan Estate?

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