Chapter 186 – Adulterous Pair

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Huan Meng Yue assumed the encounter they had was the one when Hou San Hao first visited the Huan Estate.

It was fine before he brought it up, now that he had, she remembered how disgusted she was when she saw that perverted attitude of his that day.

“Hou San Hao, who wants to be attracted to you? Even if our birth characters were exchanged, it is all a one-sided arrangement made by the Huan Family, it has nothing to do with me! I am only an adopted girl of the Huan Family, they wanted to use me to exchange for riches and prospects, but this lady would rather die than accept it. Fortunately, Lord Ninth arrived and saved my life…”

Who knew that when she finished speaking, someone spoke from within the crowd.

“The Hou Family obtained their nobility after marrying a princess of the empire two hundred years ago, and they are currently not as rich nor as accomplished as the Huan Family, so what riches and prospects is she referring to? In addition, she would rather die than accept Young Master Hou? It’s obviously a matter of discarding a lesser future for a brighter one…”

“Indeed, that Lady Huan Meng Yue is truly heartless, Young Master Hou confronted Lord Ninth for her, yet she showed no signs of helping her fiancé. She even drew the line as soon as possible, I reckon her heart has left Young Master Hou a long time ago.”


Huan Meng Yue tried to identify the person that made the comment but there were simply too many people, she had no means to locate that person.

In addition, most of the individuals that had gathered were ordinary people, she was unable to use her spirit treasure to control the people from speaking and discussing about her.

Ordinary people without spirit treasures were immune to her controlling abilities.

Hou San Hao received a huge blow, he had always consoled himself that although Bai Cheng Feng used his authority and power to snatch his fiancée, causing him to wear a green hair, Bai Cheng Feng would only be able to obtain her body and not her heart, because her heart was with him, Hou San Hao.

After all, she was willing to give him a large amount of silvers so that she can marry him…

“Huan Meng Yue, you b*tch, did you really seduce Lord Ninth? No, this adulterous pair…” Hou San Hao said in rage.

The spectators also began to point at them and started making various remarks.

“Young Master Hou is rather pitiful, to be involved with an infidel woman like her who only looks to benefit herself.”

“I heard that this woman knows the Butterfly Culinary Technique and also has an Egg Star Talent, the way she views things must have also upgraded since then. In the past, she was interested in Young Master Hou, now she is with Lord Ninth who is obviously much better. She also voluntarily chose to live in the Ninth Prince Estate despite being engaged, how shameless.”


These discussions were things that Bai Cheng Feng disliked hearing, but he had to maintain his image of a wise prince; therefore, he decided not to pursue the matter.

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He said in an overpowering voice, “If anyone dares to speak without facts again, do not blame this prince for being impolite! Hou San Hao, let me be clear with you today, Meng Yue will no longer have ties with you from now on.”

Before Hou San Hao could say anything, Bai Cheng Feng added, “She is the woman chosen by this prince, it will not change no matter who comes. Men! Arrest Hou San Hao, give him 30 rod strikes and lock him up for three months for his disrespectful behavior! Anyone else who dares to cause anymore ruckus, do not blame this prince for being impolite.”

A few armed guards approached Hou San Hao.

A ordinary person would have to stay in bed for a few months if they received 30 rod strikes.

The customers of the Winter Jasmine Court had all disappeared as no one wanted to be implicated and receive the rod strikes. Hou San Hao stood dumbstruck at the situation.

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At that moment, a group of old officials under the lead of Old Master Hou reached the scene while panting heavily, they cause the crowd to part for them as them headed towards the center.

These men were all veteran officials of the empire, each of them could also be considered as minor pillars of the nation.

In addition, most of them belonged to the Crown Prince’s Faction.

“My Lord, your words are incorrect. This old man here has the engagement agreement, Meng Yue of the Huan Clan is currently a member of our Hou Family…”

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