Chapter 187 – Impudence!

When Old Master Hou learnt of his son causing a scene at the Ninth Prince Estate, it was already too late to stop it.

He could only steel his heart and use the momentum to cause a larger incident. Ideally, he hoped the Crown Prince would learn of this and make his way down, since it was known that the Crown Prince and Bai Cheng Feng were against each other.

This would also allow him to save his son.

His son had caused a ruckus at the Ninth Prince Estate, so Bai Cheng Feng would never allow him to return home unscathed. He had guessed that his son would not be able to avoid the pain of flesh and the chill of the prison…

And as expected, when he arrived, he encountered the exact situation.

He took out the engagement agreement.

Under the gazes of everyone in the crowd, the engagement agreement containing Huan Meng Yue’s birth characters was displayed for everyone to see.

This was a display of blunt disrespect towards Bai Cheng Feng as well as Huan Meng Yue!

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“All of you… this impudence!”

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“My Lord, could you accompany us to meet Lord Emperor and discuss about the current family status of Lady Meng Yue? A woman that has lost her virginity, even if she is made of silver or gold, our Hou Family would no longer be able to accept. Although my lord may not care about your reputation and get involved with the wife of another, our Hou Family cares about our reputation, we hope my Lord would help the Hou Family clear our name…”

The clash of the two parties caused the interest of the spectators to peak.


Outside the Aged Consulate, parked a luxurious palace carriage.

Beside the palace carriage stood multiple armed spirit masters in impressive guard uniforms.

Within the carriage seated were the emperor himself and an anxious looking Princess Cang Xia.

When the emperor learnt that Young Master Ya was rescued outside the capital and was returning to the consulate, he immediately brought Princess Cang Xia with him to wait for his return outside the consulate. Only after an hour of waiting, did they finally see the Ji Mo Ya’s carriage coming from afar.

“Young Master Ya, are you okay?”

Ji Mo Ya pushed away the carriage curtains and saw the plump emperor standing in front of his gate.

He immediately alighted the carriage and gave a greeting, “I am well, this one is not worth causing the emperor to visit personally.”

Princess Cang Xia stared at Young Master Ya in awe, his face that looks like it was sculpted by the gods, the elegance and grace as well as the halo coming out from him, caused her to flush while her heart raced.

“Young Master Ya, to have you experience an incident in our Hanging Cloud Empire is a negligence of ours, I hope Young Master Ya would not take it to heart. Please be rest assured, this emperor will definitely investigate this incident thoroughly, I really want to know who is the one that dared to cause this incident! I will not let any remnants go unpunished…” The emperor made a promise.

Ji Mo Ya only gently smiled in return.

The Feather Guard Captain, Yu Yi, replied without hesitation, “Lord Emperor, our Young Master is without a doubt a person of great magnanimity but this subordinate of his is not. Your Hanging Cloud Empire’s rule and security is greatly flawed, not only is there a Greater Demon hiding and killing people, your citizens also act lawlessly. Kidnapping girls and children under broad daylight, also performing all sorts of unsavory acts… I do not know how it was for this country in the past but at the rate things are going, I am afraid the future of this country is bleak.”

These words were actually from Mo Si, who was using a secret technique to transmit his words to Yu Yi to speak on behalf of him. If not for his hidden identity, he would have personally unleashed his parrot mouth on him.

The emperor continuously nodded his head, “Yes. Correct. Understood. This young general’s words are correct. Young Master Ya, the royal family of the Hanging Cloud Empire will definitely give you a proper explanation.”

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