Chapter 189 – Hou San Hao Suicide

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The emperor and the palace eunuch boarded the palace carriage and quickly left the Aged Consulate.

Once they left the Aged Consulate, the emperor unleashed a torrent of scoldings at the palace eunuch halfway through the journey.

“Immediately send someone to summon that unfilial child to the palace, now! As for that cheap woman, put her to death immediately…”


Huan Qing Yan was enjoying the angry and frustrated expression of Huan Meng Yue while hiding within the crowd, she was smiling happily at what she saw.

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Before today, only the upper echelons of society had heard about the ugly rumors of Bai Cheng Feng and Huan Meng Yue. Now, everyone from child to adult had learnt about them, all that’s left was for the emperor to make his decision…

She was looking forward to what would happen next!

There was only one word to describe her current feelings, invigorating!

“Luo Qiao, it is getting late. Let us return.”

“Yes, Young Mistress.” Luo Qiao was also enjoying the current situation, the loyal servants had successfully followed their arrangements, the current outcome could be said to be perfect.

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As the master and servant just finished speaking, multiple loud bangs resounded through the whole area!

Hou San Hao seemed to have turned crazy and as he began to slam his head against a stone lion statue outside the estate door…

He spoke loudly as he acted, “This lowly one should not have challenged the authority of Lord Ninth, this lowly one should not have sought after the beauty and the star talent of Lady Huan Meng. This lowly one deserves to die, this lowly one shall use my death as compensation!”

His actions had caught everyone by surprise.

Including Old Master Hou, his eyes turned bloodshot at the scene but before he could react, Hou San Hao Hao had already broken his skull due to his actions and died on the spot!

What caused the change in the situation?

The person who was challenging Lord Ninth and Huan Meng Yue, had suddenly turned around and died due to guilt?

The crowd turned eerily silent due to shock.

Huan Qing Yan’s expression turned serious as she uncontrollably looked at Huan Meng Yue’s direction.

She saw the spirit imprint on Huan Meng Yue’s wrist giving off a faint glow through the thin material of her clothes… she noticed the faint light was angled and focused towards Hou San Hao’s direction.

She controlled Hou San Hao’s spirit treasure and made Hou San Hao suicide!

Huan Qing Yan never expected that Huan Meng Yue dared to kill someone in front of so many people!

This woman was truly savage and cruel, she’s also extremely vicious.

This caused Huan Qing Yan’s alarm to go off, although a control type spirit treasure like hers had no combat abilities, once it managed to control someone else’s spirit treasure, it was powerful enough to cause the person to suicide, it was extremely terrifying!

In the past, Huan Meng Yue tried to deal with Huan Qing Yan by controlling her spirit treasure. If she had succeeded then, her life might have been forfeited any moment…

“Reincarnated girl, did that woman successfully control your spirit treasure in the past?”

“I… do not know. I only remember suddenly feeling extremely agitated, especially when Huan Meng Yue is present, I would normally lose control, this caused him to be unhappy; was I actually affected by her during those times?” The reincarnated girl began to guess.

“It is highly possible, you also awoke a pig spirit treasure, although the star talent is not the same, your spirit treasure would also possess some level of resistance. Therefore, she might not have been able to make you commit suicide like Hou San Hao, but she could still affect your emotions. A person under her control will not know that they were being influenced. From the previous God Chosen incident, although I announced that her Rouge Bird is a control type spirit treasure but not one believed me; in addition, no one noticed anything…”

The reincarnated girl replied resentfully, “Huan Meng Yue that b*tch is truly vile, we must expose her! Shall we openly announce her involvement regarding Young Master Hou’s actions?”

Huan Qing Yan rejected the idea, no one would believe them.

On the contrary, doing so would expose them to harm’s way!

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