Chapter 190 – Unfilial Son

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Their revenge requires long term planning – one step at a time.

Dealing with Huan Meng Yue was slightly harder than she had previously expected.

However, to kill someone under the eyes of so many witnesses today, was a bad move of hers; it was too impulsive. The truth would eventually be brought to light one day and when that happened, she would not be able to escape. A life for a life, a debt must be repaid, the Hou Family would not let her off.

The only thing that made Huan Qing Yan unhappy about this situation was that, with Hou San Hao dead, her plans for him to cause a huge ruckus to embarrass her had failed. She had underestimated Huan Meng Yue’s viciousness…

Although she was not the one that killed him, he died because of her; this caused Huan Qing Yan to feel some guilt towards Hou San Hao at this outcome.

“Don’t need to feel guilty. This Hou San Hao is originally a scum anyway, this lecherous gambling addict also died young in the previous life, he stole someone else’s wife and the victim’s family hired someone to assassinate him…” The reincarnated girl consoled her.

Despite her words, Huan Qing Yan still felt bad about this.

If there’s a chance in the future, she will find a way to compensate the Hou Family for this sinful debt.

On the other side, Old Master Hou was crying and mourning while hugging the corpse of his beloved son, “My son, my son! You are the only heir of our Hou Family, this is killing your old father! This old man shall accompany you then… Lord Ninth, you are the one that’s responsible for forcing our Hou Clan to this state…”


While Old Master Hou was seeking to end his life, the other members of the Crown Prince’s Faction surrounded him to stop him from doing so.

At the same time, a palace eunuch and a platoon of palace guards had arrived, they had announced the imperial decree, calling the direct parties involved in this incident to report to the palace.

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A huge commotion happened because of that. Huan Qing Yan had also lost interest and brought Luo Qiao home.



The Imperial Library.

The emperor threw a scroll directly at Bai Cheng Feng’s face, Bai Cheng Feng was in kneeling position and not moving. The scroll hit him accurately, causing a wound to appear on his face.

Fresh blood began to flow out from it.

The emperor roared, “Unfilial son, you unfilial son! The reputation of the royal family had turned to dust because of a woman! Even better, a life is also lost now…”

Bai Cheng Feng kneeled with his back straight, his body was still, he also did not expect that a life would be lost in this situation.

In the end, he could not hold himself from meekly replying, “Lord Father, Hou San Hao acted by himself and chose to hit the stone lion…”

“Why did he do that then? It was because you stole his wife! That was why he chose to commit suicide outside your estate! If not, why didn’t he choose another estate to commit the act? You unfilial son, what’s good about that woman? It’s fine if you were just fooling around with her for a couple of days, but now, everyone had witnessed the confrontation between you and the Hou Family. Did you think Lord Father had lived for too long? You want me to die from excessive anger?”

Drops of saliva flew out from the emperor; as his mouth moved, his legs were also taking action, every sentence was accompanied by a kick towards Bai Cheng Feng…”

Before long, he was panting heavily.

Eunuch Yao, who was standing at a corner, immediately went to support the emperor, “My lord, please rest for the moment. Although the situation is not considered small, you should also take care of your body. You have been working hard for the country everyday and should properly take care of your body!”

Bai Cheng Feng took two steps forward in kneeling position and reached the legs of the emperor, “Lord Father, I know you are angry, you can sit down and continue to kick this child, it can save your energy.”

Although the emperor glared at him, but his anger had already been reduced by a great amount.

“Ninth, of all the sons I have, you are the one that I had the greatest expectations for, however, your decisions recently have utterly disappointed me! You have never been a person ruled by lust, I have also told you to just have fun and not treat that woman seriously. What’s so bad about returning her to the Hou Family after you had your fun with her? A woman is just a tool, you have always been one to see things in the big picture, why have you become so muddled now? Are you trying to be like the commoners? Falling in love and loving only one person for the rest of your life.”

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