Chapter 264 – That’s Great!

Huan Qing Yan exclaimed, “Little Feather, let me go, Little Feather! Young Master Ya, my Brother Jiu Li is not a demon man; all of you should not treat him like this.”

Ji Mo Ya faced State Teacher Sang Ping and said, “State Teacher Sang, please examine this person for any traces of demonic energy.”

This was what everyone was focused about.

It was also why Ji Mo Ya did not allow Huan Qing Yan to get too close to Huan Jiu Li. The demons have many tricks; if the Eagle Demon King left something behind, it would become troublesome.

“This is a small matter, let this old man investigate for a moment. Please wait for the time being, Young Master,” State Teacher Sang replied.

This demon incident had caused the empire to be in a very passive position, preventing them from producing any results. Now that things had more or less reached the end, small matters like this were something that they should handle themselves without requiring the Young Master to take action personally.

When Sang Ping finished speaking, he looked at the other State Teachers present.

One of them, a skinny elder, nodded his head and released a strange spirit treasure.

This spirit treasure looked like a goat, yet it only had one horn on its head; it was also very tiny and had a round body like a fat piglet.

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“A gazelle …” Ji Mo Ya mumbled.

Gazelles were extremely rare, but amongst all the spirit treasures that existed within the continent, their ability to sense energy could be said to be placed in the front ranks; it had the ability to easily detect the presence of demonic energy.

But gazelles were also extremely gluttonous; if there were enough food and no one present to control it, it would keep eating till it dies of over bloating.

When the gazelle spirit treasure appeared, it looked at its surroundings before running towards Huan Jiu Li, but before it even reached him, it turned back and returned to its owner.

When the skinny State Teacher saw its actions, he calmly took out a branch of a spirit plant and waved it in front of the gazelle’s nose.

When the gazelle saw it, it lifted its head with an expression of satisfaction and sniffed.

This caused everyone to be speechless at its behavior.

It was only in its illusion state and its behavior was already like that, what would happen if it obtained a physical state? How to fill its stomach when that happened?

Although the gazelle eventually had its fill, it had no intention to move.

The skinny State Teacher smiled embarrassingly and pointed towards Huan Jiu Li and ordered, “You sinful beast, quickly go!”

With a target pointed to it, the gazelle immediately ran towards Huan Jiu Li and circled him three times before returning without a single noise.

“What’s the result?”

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“So… there’s no demonic energy?” Someone asked.

“Yes…” the skinny State Teacher seemed to hesitate for a moment before finally nodding his head in agreement, “After the check, there was no demonic energy existing on the body.”

State Teacher Sang Ping was also surprised, “After being possessed by a Greater Demon for so long, he did not turn into a demon man and there was no trace of demonic energy on him? This child is a rare individual.”

Everyone who kept their distanced from Huan Jiu Li finally allowed themselves to relax and got closer to him.

As they surrounded Huan Jiu Li, “Indeed a rare talent, from my understanding, before he entered the palace as an imperial chef, his cultivation was only a Three-Star, but now, maybe due to being possessed by the Greater Demon, his cultivation has improved and reached the Five-Star spirit master level.”

“It’s a shame that he could neither speak nor  use his mental power to communicate; only a Six-Star spirit master and above could communicate with other high rank spirit masters with their minds…”

“We should focus on curing his mute condition, or we can wait for him to reach Six-Star and use his mental power to tell us the truth behind that Greater Demon.”

“However, we need to guard against that True Spirit Master for attempting to silence him again…”

Huan Qing Yan nearly cry out tears of joy, that’s great!

Huan Jiu Li was not tainted by demonic energy and turned into a demon man – this was truly great news. However, his safety now was another big problem.

But as long as he was not a demon man, she did not need to worry that Ji Mo Ya would take action and exterminate Huan Jiu Li.

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