Chapter 266 – Act Shamelessly

“I… I read about it in an ancient book,” Huan Qing Yan hesitantly replied.

Ji Mo Ya did not speak as his starry eyes swept through Huan Qing Yan’s figure.

Huan Qing Yan cried out, as she quickly bent down and hugged Ji Mo Ya’s legs, “Young Master Ya, I really did not lie, it’s really an intuition! You should have known that I was unable to stay in touch with Brother Jiu Li at all, so I do not know the Greater Demon. You must believe me, please do not kick me out of the Aged Consulate; that mysterious elder would definitely silence me! Right, can I bring my mother and brother to the Aged Consulate to stay? It is much safer here, and I am afraid that mysterious elder would shift his anger onto my family and kill them, what to do…”

Huan Qing Yan tried to shake her away but failed, this lass had once again started to act shamelessly.

He knew that he should never give in to such behaviors again; the more he gave in, the more she would overstep her boundaries. However, when he felt that soft and delicate sensation that was coming from his thighs, his body went rigid for a moment.

“Stand up, speak properly.”

Huan Qing Yan continued to sorrowfully cry out, “Young Master Ya, I know that you are angry with me; to cause so much trouble for you every day, a trouble magnet that has low cultivation, poor attitude, doing things without propriety, and always using your name to scare people. As these behaviors are all exceptionally loathsome, you wanted to use this chance to sack me from my role as a spirit chef. This, I can also understand…”

Ji Mo Ya could barely hold on to his current attitude as his expression uncontrollably softened.

Ji Mo Ya wiped her snot and rubbed in on Ji Mo Ya’s pants and continued, “However, Young Master Ya, Qing Yan had cooked many different delicious things for Young Master Ya. Even if there are no merits there’s at least effort; you cannot be so heartless, to sack me from my position just like that…”

Ji Mo Ya’s face was now turning green as he was using all his will to suppress the impulse of sending Huan Qing Yan out of the Aged Consulate with a kick.

Huan Qing Yan continued wailing, “In addition, not long from now, Young Master Ya would need to leave the Hanging Cloud Empire; Young Master Ya was not even willing to gift me with a set of your words, so what item can I use to scare people with in the future? I can no longer rely on Young Master Ya in the future. Since Young Master Ya is still in the capital, you should at least let me rely on you for this last few days, right?”

Ji Mo Ya, ‘……’

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So she requested for his words so that it could be used to scare people? Didn’t she say that she greatly admired his calligraphy?

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“Qing Yan is a fatty in the past, yet Young Master Ya did not avoid me out of dislike; after receiving a couple of your kicks, we had established the connection of an employer and employee, so as a person, how can one end things without seeing it through to the end? If you want to kick me out, please at least catch that mysterious elder before kicking me out… Wu wu wuuu…”

Ji Mo Ya had already given up on questioning Huan Qing Yan on why she went to the Ninth Prince Estate. With a Cleansing Spell, he cleaned the snot and tears that Huan Qing Yan left on his pants before lifting Huan Qing Yan up and chucking her to one side without hesitation.

“When did this Young Master say that you will be kicked out?”

“You aren’t? That’s great! Qing Yan knew all along that Young Master Ya was the most kindhearted person in this world! Why not I bring my mother and younger brother into the Aged Consulate to stay for a period; we can send them back after Young Master Ya has caught the baddie, right? There’s also no need for you to assign them a place as they can just stay with me.”

“This Young Master’s place is not a shelter.” When Ji Mo Ya saw Huan Qing Yan crawling over, he immediately restricted her and kept her one meter away.

“Of course not, my mother knows how to sew, and she can make socks and hats for Young Master Ya, so she can be considered as half an employee. My brother can water the plants and sweep the floor, that’s another half an employee. They will not stay here for nothing.” Huan Qing Yan shamelessly said.

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