Chapter 284 – Very Smug

Although she felt great gratitude for his help, she has nothing to give him, so all she could do was to transform her feelings into the words, “Thank you!”


When they returned to the Aged Consulate, Ji Mo Ya sent Huan Qing Yan off with his gaze as she returned to her living quarters, before he returned to the main building.

Mo Wu had already been waiting for his return.

“What’s the situation?”

“The curse has been lifted. They have confessed; the mastermind is the same person as what Young Master had analyzed,” Mo Wu replied.

Young Master Ya did not seem surprised, “Ok, how’s the surveillance over at the Su Estate?”

“Su Shi, that old fox, had made preparations long ago, he planned to disperse the elites of their clan and evacuate them out of the capital. However, please be rest assured Young Master, they have all been apprehended. As for those that were already adventuring outside in the first place, we have already activated the manpower of the clan to follow them secretly. When the time arrives, we will act on Young Master’s orders.”

Mo Si suddenly appeared from a side, “The Huan Estate’s current state is definitely due to that Su Old Fox, he is getting impatient. Young Master, when do we act?”

Ji Mo Ya stared into the far distance quietly, “We still need an opportunity, but I believe it would come really soon.”


Cang Xia Palace.

Huan Meng Yue was wearing a faint smile on her face as she engaged in a conversation with Princess Cang Xia.

She was no longer showing that pitiful state that she displayed outside the Imperial Medical Building when she was pleading at Bai Chen Feng, but a veil was still on her face, “Princess, that Huan Qing Yan is in cahoots with that Greater Demon, yet Young Master Ya is protecting her. It seems like the relationship between her and Young Master Ya is not simple already.”

The spirit treasure imprint on her wrist was faintly glowing behind her sleeves.

Princess Cang Xia was very frustrated, “Exactly, that b*tch must be very smug now! However, she has been staying within the Aged Consulate every day, while this princess is unable to enter that place currently. What about you, I heard that Ninth Brother no longer likes you…”

“It’s all because of that Huan Qing Yan! That day, when the Greater Demon attacked, I had been knocked unconscious; when I woke up, Lord Ninth began to protect her. I also do not know what tricks she used, to be able to use the Greater Demon to mystify Lord Ninth.”

Princess Cang Xia added, “That b*tch is truly shameless, seducing both Ji Mo Ya and my Ninth Brother! What ideas do you have, we need to give her a proper fix, we cannot let her off so easily; even if Ji Mo Ya will not like me, I will make sure she fairs no better!”

Huan Meng Yue acted as though she was in a difficulty, “Princess, Meng Yue is a nobody; although now you are the only person that did not turn your back away from me, Meng Yue does not have the power to help you.”

As Princess Cang Xia displayed a disappointed look, Huan Meng Yue continued, “But of course, I also do not want to fail to live up to the Princess’s expectations, Meng Yue will do all I can to help Princess settle this score!”

“Do you have any good ideas?”

“I will need your highness’s cooperation…”

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“Quickly tell me!” Princess Cang Xia had lost to Huan Qing Yan multiple times, and she was unable to reconcile with that fact greatly. In addition, with the influence of Huan Meng Yue’s spirit treasure, she was being slowly led into the trap that Huan Meng Yue had built without her knowledge.

Huan Meng Yue leaned forward and softly whispered into the ear of Princess Cang Xia.


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Huan Qing Yan enter the dimension.

She went to the backyard to harvest some fresh crops and fruits before going to the front to collect the eggs of the poultries. She also killed a few of those poultries as well as a few fat juicy fishes, before using them as ingredients to practice making spirit dishes.

She wished to shine greatly during the Spirit Chef Festival; to obtain the top three, the dishes not only need to be special, they must also be delicious and contain large amounts of spirit energy…

She planned to start from cooking common everyday home dishes.

She felt that a Spirit Chef should know about what the masses like as the Spirit Chef profession was closely related to lifestyle and service, if all she knew was to rely on high quality spirit food ingredients to create high quality food, then it could not be considered as her own skill.

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