Chapter 283 – Died Too Suspiciously

Today, she was unable to protect the Huan Estate and was powerless to change its situation. She was also worried, what if the day when the reincarnated date reaches, would she be unable to protect herself also?

Would she still die?

From the moment she had awoken her spirit treasure earlier than expected, many things had changed; she estimated that the day of her death would also come earlier…

If she continued to stay within the Hanging Cloud Empire where the spirit energy was thin and where the spirit food ingredients found within its territory were ordinary and mostly classified under the low-grade category. She needed to properly plan for her future and think about what she could do to avoid her approaching death date.

Seeing Huan Qing Yan staying silent, Ji Mo Ya revealed a worried and lost expression, he peeked at her, “Hmm, why? Are you afraid?”

Huan Qing Yan clutched her fists, “Of course not, I must become more powerful; I will find out who is this mastermind that is hiding behind the scenes and exact my revenge!”

Ji Mo Ya smiled. The qualities of bravery and courage were good traits, and only by keeping a fearless spirit could someone travel far on their road of cultivation.

“Commendable spirit; however, this matter is likely related to your father.”

“What about my father?”

“He died too suspiciously. This young master had investigated his cause of death; it was due to stress triggered by a long-term ailment. Now that I think back, it seemed off…” Ji Mo Ya went into deep thoughts.

Huan Qing Yan was at a loss, died too suspiciously, what should she say?

In fact, the time she spent with Huan Bei Ming was frankly not much; therefore, she enquired in her mind, “Reincarnated girl, did you notice anything wrong with Papa in the past?”

The reincarnated girl vacantly replied, “Nope, Papa is a good person and treated me really well.”

As both of them were conversating within their minds, they heard Ji Mo Ya’s voice, “After you cremated your father, did you find anything strange within his ashes?”

Huan Qing Yan seriously thought back, “What do you mean by strange?”

“Such as a pearl, or something that should not belong to a human’s body.”

She did not pay much attention to Huan Bei Ming’s ashes; it was collected by Madam Huan and a few servants, “I do not know, we kept it within the ancestral hall, so why not we go have a look?”

Ji Mo Ya replied, “Never mind, even if it is still there, it had likely been swapped by someone. Since they even dug up three feet of your Huan Estate’s earth, it is likely they had not discovered anything. There’s no need to check.”  

That’s true.

“What is this mastermind searching for?” Huan Qing Yan was unable to understand, “Other than Huan Family’s Aged Soup, I don’t think we have anything valuable! My Papa treated me really well when he was alive; he would surely tell me all the good stuff if he did have any.”

Suddenly, Huan Qing Yan remembered something and said, “My Papa handed me the ancient bowl when he was alive, are they looking for it?”

The chances weren’t great. The ancient bowl had accompanied the reincarnated girl throughout the journey; only at the very end, when that trash Bai Chen Feng cheated it from her and passed it to Huan Meng Yue did she lose the ancient bowl.

Ji Mo Ya also rejected that idea, “No, if not, they would have targeted you long ago and stolen it from you. There would be no need for them to aimlessly dig up every inch of the ground.”

“Then, I really cannot think of anything else.”

Ji Mo Ya calmly replied, “There’s no need for you to think too much about it; the opponent is too strong for you. This time, this young master will assist you; in the future, when this young master is no longer here, you need to be prudent and avoid taking rash actions.”

Countless emotions were flying within Huan Qing Yan’s heart; Young Master Ya was really a very, very nice BOSS*, he treated her really well.
(Cuppa: This is in English within the original raws!)

She looked at him, at his elegant poise and radiance, glowing with captivating charm like the stars, sun, and moon, making people unable to turn their eyes away…

Her face flushed and her heart beat rapidly, that’s the reaction of her heart being moved by him!

A pity, his birth and standing were too high and noble. She was just a young mistress of a fallen family within the Hanging Cloud Empire and was not a match for him. In addition, as a person who lived and was born in modern times, the modern way of thinking had influenced her greatly, so she would never allow herself to be a concubine of a person…

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