Chapter 294 – Quick, Look!

When everyone heard her, they began to wonder about her words, deep resentment?

A princess having a deep resentment towards a commoner, that means that this was not the first time she was being oppressed?

Since the princess even dared to make such improper accusations out of no reason under the eyes of everyone, didn’t that meant that she dared to take things even further without everyone noticing?

The emperor’s face darkened, “Cang Xia, quickly apologize to Lady Huan! A mistake is a mistake, just apologize. As a daughter of royalty, why the hesitation?”

Princess Cang Xia was able to make out from the emperor’s tone that he had truly became angry. She stepped out and turned towards Huan Qing Yan’s direction, “Huan Qing Yan, this princess was overly concerned about my brother and accused you wrongly. Please be generous and forgive this princess.”

As she spoke finish, a bunch of burning flames was welling up within her chest.

Huan Qing Yan slightly smiled, “Princess is being too courteous. However, I hope that the princess could avoid such misunderstandings in the future, since not everyone can bear the consequences of being accused wrongly.”

When Princess Cang Xia saw Huan Qing Yan’s mocking smile, she grinded her teeth and hoped she could tear off that face of hers immediately.

After apologizing to that little b*tch, she still dares to reply with mock; she was truly enraged!

At this age, this was also the first time she had apologized to anyone!

What’s more, it was under the witness of such a large crowd, where could she show her face from now on?

Her heart was bleeding!

Seeing Princess Cang Xia’s expression turning darker and darker, Huan Qing Yan smiled even more and she couldn’t help but feel good.

‘Little fella, you are truly dumb, to be used by Huan Meng Yue blindly, this is your just desserts…”

At that moment, many people slowly finished cooking and started bringing their work to the Spirit Energy Scale.

The emperor smile, “Ok then, Little Yan, you have suffered, you should go rest now. Cang Xia, you should return as well.”

The situation ended just like that.

Some of the spirit dishes that were submitted later on were also pretty good, but in front of Huan Qing Yan’s excellent rating, 260 spirit energy points and stamina attribute boost, these dishes all looked too common.

Only dishes that exceeded 150 spirit energy were presented to the emperor and group to taste. After the accusation, these dishes were all tasted for poison by the imperial doctor before they were eaten.

Those that had less than 150 spirit energy points were distributed to the observers to taste.

However, this was just for show, after testing close to twenty dishes, the emperor and everyone’s vigilance also dropped quickly.

Suddenly, someone shouted, “Quick, look! That’s the legendary Butterfly Culinary Technique!”

Huan Qing Yan and everyone’s gaze looked towards that direction and saw Huan Meng Yue beginning to dance. Her slender figure was emitting a mysterious vibe with every move and step.

Huan Qing Yan focused her gaze, ‘Where did this woman learn this Butterfly Culinary Technique?”

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Then she remembered the words of the Eagle Demon from before; she used something called the Spirit Treasure Communication Technique. From the name, it seemed like she could communicate with the spirit treasure of another person.

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Be it the Butterfly Culinary Technique this time or that murderous dancing technique from before, these were all not skills that she learnt, but the skills of others.

So what was that communication technique? Did it allow a powerful person to possess her body for a short period while their spirit treasures were connected?

Who was the one that was secretly helping her? Connecting their spirit treasure with hers?

Without a doubt, that person must be very strong!

If Huan Meng Yue continued to receive the assistance from this person, her future situation would surely be discouraging.

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