Chapter 293 – Both Furious And Disgraced

The silver needle continued to remain clean and bright with no traces of poison being detected.

With a bow, the imperial doctor said, “Your majesty, the Pineapple Prawn Balls are not poisonous.”

Only then did the atmosphere turn better as everyone eased their tension.

Especially the emperor himself, he was currently worried that Ji Mo Ya would be a witness of a scandal, and this would add a preposterous stain in the history of the Hanging Cloud Empire.

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After checking the Crown Prince’s condition, the elderly imperial doctor reported, “Your Majesty, Lord Crown Prince only had a small relapse of his old ailment, it has nothing to do with the prawn balls.”

The Crown Prince, Bai Chen Yu, struggled to stand up before giving a bow towards the emperor, “I have caused Lord Father to worry, this son is fine.”

Only Princess Cang Xia was flabbergasted.

This was totally different from the script she had in mind.

Didn’t Huan Meng Yue tell her to simply act on the situation and point out that Huan Qing Yan had applied poison, then everything would go smoothly? Huan Qing Yan would be imprisoned and await a punishment of having her family be executed…

She unconsciously looked towards Huan Meng Yue, but Huan Meng Yue was also displaying a similar look of shock as well.

That’s when she knew that the plan was busted.

Anger immediately welled up within Princess Cang Xia; she dearly wanted to head towards Huan Meng Yue now and give her a good beating.

This stupid woman! She had believed this woman one more time, yet in the end, the plan was busted!

She should not have believed her. Now she had wasted her outburst as a villain, she cannot even regret and take back her actions now.

Fortunately, the emperor still adored her and helped her to ease the situation, “Cang Xia, you are only worried about your Brother Crown Prince’s health, I believe you did not mean to cause trouble with Little Yan. Let’s end things here, you should return.”

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Huan Qing Yan rebutted silently, ‘So things ended like this just because she did not mean to do so?’

To frame her of adding poison into her dish under the witness of everyone, how much negative impact will this situation cause her?

If she had a weaker heart, this incident would have caused her soul to leave her body.

Just as she was about to speak up, a refreshing voice came, “Your majesty, it was admirable that Princess Cang Xia was concerned about her brother. However, they are two different matters; under the circumstances of not having any evidence, she had accused someone of adding poison, this can not be deemed as proper. Although it’s a small matter, if not corrected properly, it will cause the person to develop a questionable character…”

It was Ji Mo Ya.

With those words, the public square began to bustle with discussion.

Especially those elderly officials who were known for their impartial characters and strong sense of justice…

Imperial Censor Wang spoke, “Your majesty, Young Master Ji Mo is correct. The princess’s words were indeed improper. As her lord father, your majesty should discipline her sternly.”

Grand Tutor Zhou added, “Your majesty, to show that the laws of our Hanging Cloud Empire are impartial, even if a prince breaks the laws, he will receive punish like commoners. Her highness had wrongly accused someone, so this old servant feels that Princess Cang Xia should properly apologize to Lady Huan…”


The emperor, Bai Jing Hua, flushed in embarrassment and lightly coughed, “My dear officials have said correctly, as a person of higher standing, they should act more prudently than others. Cang Xia, quickly apologize to Little Yan, I believe Little Yan that child would not argue with you as well.”

Princess Cang Xia was feeling both furious and disgraced.

Of all the princesses, she was the most adored, and was usually proud and arrogant. Now, they wanted her to lower her head to apologize to the person she hated the most. This feeling was akin to killing her, and she was of course unwilling.

Huan Qing Yan stole her Young Master Ya from her, Huan Qing Yan also beat her up after covering her in a sack, Huan Qing Yan caused her to be kicked out of the Aged Consulate… After everything that she had experienced, she still needs to apologize?

After the emperor had said his piece, he noticed that Princess Cang Xia was not moving from her current position and her face turned even more red. Seeing that she was not willing, it caused him some minor displeasure.

Huan Qing Yan lowered her head and deliberately used a pitiful tone, “Princess Cang Xia must have a deep resentment towards this commoner. This commoner is very fearful, let’s end the matter with this, there’s no need for her highness to apologize.”

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