Chapter 292 – Apply Poison

As she spoke, she went to the main plate that was in front of the elderly imperial chef, took up a prawn ball, and placed it in her mouth.

She ate it deliciously and consumed it within a few breaths, and nothing happened.

Princess Cang Xia was shocked, ‘Why was she not poisoned?’

But now that things had reached this point, she could only grit her teeth and continue with it, “You applied the poison yourself, who knew if you had taken an antidote in advance! Testing the dish yourself does not prove anything, you completed the dish first so that you can attract the interest of everyone so that they will eat your dish.”

Many of the nervous spirit chefs that were at the center of the public square had all slowly stopped the task at hand to look at the show.

Huan Meng Yue’s face was slightly darkened.

She was currently feeling restless; she had made sure that Huan Qing Yan’s hands and some of the ingredients were applied with the Nether Silkworm Poison Powder, why was she fine after eating the dish?

Although the crown prince was poisoned as planned, she still felt that something was not right!

However, she was currently unable to do anything as she cannot go up, the current situation requires Princess Cang Xia to expose Huan Qing Yan to achieve the best scenario.

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In addition, there was a long preparation time required before she could use the Butterfly Culinary Technique. Hence, she was unable to get distracted as well.

On the other side, Huan Qing Yan picked up a second prawn ball and placed it in her mouth as there was no point in wasting it since no one wanted to eat, “May I ask the princess, why would I want to apply poison? I have no grudges with the Crown Prince; in fact, this is the first time that this commoner had met Lord Crown Prince.”

Crown Prince Bai Chen Yu’s face was as pale as before. He did not speak, but continued to lean against the back of his eat. Several eunuchs were currently looking after him.

Bai Chen Feng, who was nearby, seemed to be pondering about something and did not speak as well.

Ji Mo Ya, who was on the first VIP seat, was also gently smiling, keeping his distance while remaining calm; it seemed like he was looking at the situation in front of him with interest.

Princess Cang Xia was feeling urgent at Huan Qing Yan’s question, “You… You are unhappy with this princess, you are also unhappy with the royal family. You wish to poison Lord Father!”

“Princess Cang Xia, are you overthinking things? This commoner did not have much dealings with your highness, so why would I be unhappy? My father, Huan Bei Ming, was also someone that was regarded highly by the Lord Emperor; the Huan Family has always been loyal to Lord Emperor as well. Please be mindful of your words your highness…”

The emperor was feeling frustrated at the exchange between the two girls. He also did not believe that Huan Qing Yan would have the audacity to use poison during the Spirit Chef Festival. He had also felt that he had never treated Huan Bei Ming badly when he was alive, and he had also not caused much harm to the Huan Family; this young lady would never seek death by using poison during the Spirit Chef Festival.

However, he would never try the Pineapple Prawn Balls now.

As the emperor, he cares for his life the most.

He unconsciously looked at Ji Mo Ya, seeing that Ji Mo Ya’s calm expression and not standing up immediately to defend Huan Qing Yan, he instructed the imperial doctors who were currently seated below the platform, “My dear doctors, please go check…”

Those who were able to sit below the platform were all veteran imperial doctors who possessed exceptional skills.

These elderly looking imperial doctors walked up, one checked the pulse of the Crown Prince, another took out a silver needle to test the Pineapple Prawn Ball that was served to the emperor.

After a short while, the silver needle that pierced the food was pulled out, the silver needle was clean without any speckles – there was no reaction*.
(Cuppa: Ancient chinese emperors used silver needles to test their food to check for poison, should the needle turn black or have a reaction, the foods are deemed to be poisoned.”

He turned and went to test Ji Mo Ya’s Pineapple Prawn Ball as well; similarly, there was no reaction. Next, he went to check the Pineapple Prawn Ball of each prince…

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