Chapter 291 – Brother Crown Prince!

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The first two sections were already surprising enough, and when the third section also lighted up, everyone was beyond surprise.

Instead, everything quietened down greatly.

Several had managed to guess who the chef was.

“The descendant of the Huan Family!”

“To think that Huan Bei Ming had a successor after he passed away; if she did not encounter any accidents, this girl would surely achieve greater heights than her father. She might even reach Grandmaster Rank…”

“Hai, if only our family’s younger generations could be half as good, this old man would be able to smile even in my dreams…”

“Let’s stop comparing…”


The elderly imperial chef, who had previously chided Huan Qing Yan for not being serious and fooling around, was now staring wide-eyed and unable to speak.

Only after pausing for a while did he recover and report, “Excellent Rating, 260 spirit energy points, Increase 1 Stamina attribute…”

The masses got worked up!

The emperor, Bai Jing Hua, stood up excitedly and clapped, “Great! Very good! It was made fast and with great skill. This little chef, what is your name?”

“My majesty, this commoner is Huan Qing Yan.”

The emperor exclaimed in surprised, “So it’s Little Yan, you have changed greatly! Good! It could be said that Imperial Chef Huan has finally had a successor. Quickly serve me the food, this majesty wishes to try their tastes…”

This was also one of the judging processes.

The people on the platform such as the emperor, the princes, and Ji Mo Ya, were consider as judges that would sample the dishes.

The elderly imperial chef split the plate containing Pineapple Prawn Balls into individual portions and got the servants to set a small plate in front of everyone…

Before tasting, they would first judge the appearance and appeal of the dish.

The emperor gave his comment, “The color is bright and appetizing, you can also smell a fresh pineapple fragrance and the meaty fragrance of the prawn ball…”

Suddenly, the crown prince, Bai Chen Yu, who was seated as the head of the group of princes, went pale and fell off the table with a dull knock, attracting the attention of everyone.

The emperor asked with concern, “Yu’er, why did your face turn so pale, are you feeling unwell?”

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The crown prince’s body had always been frail, this was common knowledge that everyone knew.

A staggering Bai Chen Yu weakly stood up by using the furniture around him as support, and replied, “Lord Father, I am fine, I just had a sudden faint spell and felt strength leaving my body.”

At that moment, Princess Cang Xia, who was seated behind the emperor and amongst the other ladies of the royal family, shot out of the group like an arrow.

“Brother Crown Prince! You were still fine a moment ago, why did you become like this after eating that Pineapple Prawn Ball?”

Pineapple Prawn Ball?

Indeed, the small plate that the Pineapple Prawn Ball was placed on was now empty…

Princess Cang Xia immediately said loudly, “Huan Qing Yan, how dare you! To use the Spirit Chef Festival to try to poison his majesty and Brother Crown Prince. Lord Father, please get someone to quickly inspect that spirit dish.”

With those words, everyone within the public square tensed up.

Many of them had participated in the Spirit Chef Festival for many years, and none of them had heard of an incident where someone tried to use the event to serve poison!

How unimportant would someone need to view their life, for them to make such a move?

When Huan Qing Yan saw the Crown Prince falling, she knew that the trap was coming.

In the past, she was framed of poisoning the spirit dish after the Crown Prince had taken the first bite as well, he got poisoned and fell ill.

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The emperor was greatly enraged, causing the Huan Estate to be searched and their every possession be confiscated. Her life was saved due to that Bai trash…

However, this time there was no poison within her spirit dish, yet the Crown Prince still fell down; she couldn’t help but feel amused at the situation.

Huan Qing Yan replied loudly, “Princess Cang Xia, please do not frame someone under broad daylight. The poisoning of royalty is a crime punishable by executing all nine generations of a family! Lord Crown Prince had always possessed a frail body, he might just have an allergic reaction to the prawn, it would definitely not be related to poisoning. If no one believes me, this commoner is willing to be the first to test the dish.”

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