Chapter 290 – Woah, Is There An Error?

On the platform, the lord emperor, Young Master Ya, the princes… everyone gazes fell on Huan Qing Yan.

Despite being under the gazes of so many people, Huan Qing Yan did not feel afraid or flustered, and calmly spoke to the elderly Imperial Chef, “My lord, this junior has finished cooking. This is Pineapple Prawn Balls. Please assist this junior with your assessment…”

The elderly Imperial Chef was showing some disdain, “This lass, are you just fooling around? It is not easy for you to enter the finals; how could you play around like this? You are really undermining this competition. As a Spirit Chef, one must first be detailed, serious, and should not cut corners to save time.”

Although his mouth was preaching, but his hands did not stop, as he placed Huan Qing Yan’s Pineapple Prawn Balls onto the Spirit Energy Scale.

As this was a huge competition, the Spirit Energy Scale used was also the most exquisite; it was also larger than normal ones, at half the height of a person. Beside the scale were three vertical white jade slabs, they would display the spirit energy value, the culinary rating and attributes of the dish.

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During times when there was no spirit dish on the scale, these three jades would be clean and pure white, with no display.

When a spirit dish was placed on the scale, the three white jades would display the respective values.

When Huan Qing Yan’s dish was placed on top, the scale released a red light… to scan the spirit dish on top of it.

After the red light did its scanning, it immediately flew towards the white jade slabs!

The three white jades released a reaction, the vertical white jade that was used to display the spirit energy value jumped at ten spirit energy per tick very quickly from the bottom to up. When everyone focused on the white jade, they were stunned by the rate at which the numbers were increasing.

Fifty spirit energy, one hundred spirit energy, a hundred fifty spirit energy, two hundred spirit energy… and is still rising!

Two hundred ten spirit energy!

Two hundred twenty spirit energy!

Only when it reached two hundred and sixty spirit energy did the number finally stop.

Everyone exclaimed in admiration!

“Two hundred and sixty spirit energy value. Amongst all the Spirit Chef Festivals that was held within out empire, this value was something that we have not seen often. That’s very powerful.”

“Indeed, the Spirit Chef Festival rules have stated that the top three winners of each Spirit Chef Festival would not be able to participate in future competitions. Over the years, those well-known and experienced Spirit Chefs have all lost their right to participate in the competition, and only juniors were seen participating in recent years. From my understanding, it has been three years since we saw a spirit dish that has a spirit energy value that exceeded two hundred spirit energy, let alone one that reached two hundred and sixty.”

“Indeed, this girl is not bad!”

As the observers were having their discussions, a second red light begun to scan the spirit dish again before it flew to the second white jade.

The second white jade displayed the culinary rating of the dish, at the bottom of the white jade was the word Ordinary, followed by Good, the red light kept increasing without stopping…

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Until it highlighted ‘Excellent’!

Many people were becoming restless.

“Woah, is there an error?”

“Excellent grade! Only spirit chefs the rank of Master and above could produce Excellent Grade dishes! This young lady is still too young, how did she do it?”

“If it is an Excellent grade, does it mean that the spirit energy within the food ingredients had been boosted to double of its original value?”

“In the history of our Hanging Cloud Empire, we have yet to produce such a young Master Spirit Chef…”

“Maybe she used some special Spirit Chef equipment? She does not look like a Master-ranked Spirit Chef to this old man.”


As the crowd continued their discussion, a third red light flew towards the third white jade!

The third white jade was normally blank and rarely displayed anything.

Yet at that moment, it glowed as the vertical slab began to display: Stamina Attribute, One…

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