Chapter 398 – Young Master Ya, Please Hold On

Why on earth would Huan Qing Yan believe her words?

Only when she was too weak to even speak did Huan Qing Yan stop.

Only then was she finally succeed in getting back control over her body.

At the same time, she focused her mind on the soul stone in her hand,feeling a powerful soul energy coming from it.

Whoever obtained control of the body would also obtain control over this piece of soul stone.

However, she was already a complete soul, the piece of soul stone was not much of use to her.

The reincarnated girl had used this stone to attack her before, so she should be able to do the same as well;Huan Qing Yan contemplated. It could help her make her vanish completely.

She used her soul power to extract the energy in the soul stone and then she sent it to constrict the reincarnated girl.

The reincarnated girl’s soul was already greatly weakened, it only had the ability to run and hide. However, no matter how much Huan Qing Yan pressured her, she was still unable to force her out.

After a long time, there was no change.

Huan Qing Yan felt gloomy, maybe she would never be able to completely get rid of the reincarnated girl’s soul?

In the end Huan Qing Yan could only force her into a corner and keep her temporarily suppressed with the power of the soul stone.

At the least she was able completely suppress her!

Now she wouldn’t be able to come out whenever she pleases and force her offline. . She would slowly search for a method in the future to get rid of the  reincarnated girl completely.

After the battle and the suppression of the reincarnated girl, Huan Qing Yans mind and body were extremely exhausted.

“Little Leaf, thank you.”

The leaf spirit treasure was happily swaying left and right, enjoying the praise in received for being useful.

Huan Qing Yan had never seen the little leaf spirit do anything practical to assist her so far, little did she expect that at the most crucial moment, it would appear and became her life line.

It was truly excellent.

The pig spirit grunted unhappily while seeking praises as well.

“Little pig, you’ve also done pretty well! Did you really awaken due to her soul?” Huan Qing Yan was rather worried. What if after she completely expelled the reincarnated girl, the pig spirit treasure vanishes along with her?

The pig spirit treasure was not sure: it felt like it was, but it also felt like it wasn’t due to her presence.

Thus, it chose not to help either partie.

“Its doesn’t matter if you awoke due to her or not, I will still treat you well! I assure you that I will keep leveling you up, keep ranking you up~”

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The pig spirit shook its tail happily in reply.

After finishing everything, Huan Qing Yan noticed that Bai Chen Feng had encountered the teachers that were searching for them.

They were finally safe!

After exhausting her mind and all of her energy, Huan Qing Yan was unable to hold on any longer and fainted.


Above the surface of the Surging Wave Sea.

Ji Mo Ya was within the Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage, the small harvesting knife still stabbed into his chest, his hand gripping it as he focused his attention to it, A with a bleak and desolate expression gracing his face .

“Young Master, please let this subordinate pull out the knife and dress your wound.” Mo Si pleaded in anguish.

“No need, let me feel pain for a little while longer; only then would I be able to have no more illusions about it.” Ji Mo Ya’s voice was solem and soothing, there was no trace of joy or sorrow in it.

Although Mo Si was a man, his eyes brimmed with tears when he heard this.

At the same time, a series of explosions erupted from the ocean, an elder in black called out from underwater…

“Young Master Ya, please hold on.”

Ji Mo Ya turned his head and acknowledged the figure, “So it is the Lord Headmaster, please come in.”

This elder in black was the person in-charge of the entire Surging Wave Academia, his surname was Wu and he took his name after the Surging Wave Sea, called Wu Cang Hai*.
(Cuppa: This is the mandarin pronunciation of Surging Wave)

An extremely famous figure in the entire Spirit Treasure Continent.

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Wu Cang Hai took a step in the air and appeared inside the Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage.

As he entered, he noticed the small knife in Ji Mo Ya’s chest and cried out in alarm, “I spotted you suddenly leaving the ocean floor looking injured, this old man originally thought that my eyesight was going bad. What happened to you? Who did this?”

“I apologize for making the Headmaster worry but I am fine. I stabbed myself accidently.” Ji Mo Ya’s expression was mild, but the pain and sorrow resting on his brow was unconcealable.

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