Chapter 4 – Murderer

The experience terrified Huan Qing Yan. Her soul quickly returned.

“Okay, let’s help each other since fate brought us together. A mission of revenge? How difficult can it be? This elder sister will help you!”

Huan Qing Yan encouraged herself. She had been a shut-in novel reader and had read a hundred, if not, at least eighty different books. Huan Qing Yan knew all the various vicious methods to trap bastards and scheme bitches. Even if she hadn’t eaten pork before, she has seen pigs*, Huan Qing Yan, Burning! Small Universe!**
(*Cuppa: It meant that even if one has not experienced or done not done something before, they can still gather some understanding just by looking at the process.
The idiom originates from the olden days where farming families raised pigs for a living, but they are unable to eat pork as meat, in general, is considered a luxury during those days thus the pigs raised are mostly sold off for money. Even though the farmers did not get to taste and eat pork, they still know about the pigs.)
(**Cuppa: From Saint Seiya)

The reincarnated girl replied with a weak yet venomous voice, “Then you have my thanks. I want my enemies to accompany me to the grave. Also, I felt regret towards to my papa, mama and little brother during my previous life. I hope they will not die so early in this one…”

The thoughts were a natural part of human nature: spit out everything you have eaten that was mine; owe money and pay money; owe a life and repay with a life. Huan Qing Yan understood.

That was also one of the reasons why she agreed to help with the revenge, she was a person with a strong sense of justice, and she had compassion for the weak.

However, “If you want me to help you with your revenge, then you have to listen to me!”


“I have only seen snippets of your memories earlier on; you have to tell me the full story from the beginning to the end so I can determine where to start.”

The reincarnated girl agreed and began to show everything she remembered after the ‘Prince’s Kiss’ segment…

At this time, the two royal guards had already dragged Huan Qing Yan to the back of the stage. Her parents had brought along the house servants and were waiting there for her since a while ago. As they consoled her, Huan Qing Yan could feel genuine love and care from the couple, causing her to envy this warm family atmosphere greatly.

In her previous life, she grew up in an orphanage and was adopted and returned a few times due to various reasons. It made her envy and thirst for the warmth of a family.

The Young Mistress of the Huan Family?

Fine, since she was willing to stay now, she will give it a go.


After Huan Qing Yan left, the Ninth Prince, Bai Cheng Feng, also stepped off the stage.

He gazed at the figure of Huan Qing Yan as she was being carried off by the royal guards, his eyes shined as he thought about something.

He had been making plans for the Huan Estate for quite some time now and was waiting for an opportunity like today to propose to Huan Qing Yan.

Who knew that this fat chick would have the guts to hit him?

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Is she trying to play hard to get when things have already developed to this stage?

That was quite interesting!

At that moment, a royal guard covered in powerful black equipment came out from the backstage and hastily walked towards him.

He whispered into the Ninth Prince’s ear, “Ninth Prince, a case happened on Sun Harmony Street.”

The Ninth Prince creased his brow, “Where?”

“Mansion of the Zhi Province Governor, the victim was fifty years old and had just returned to the capital a few days ago. After he had breakfast this morning, he locked himself in his study to write a report and got murdered. It’s the same method. The heart was digged out while the scene of the crime is covered with traces of demonic aura. There are also large amounts of ants within the mansion…”

“Any servants guarding outside the study room? Ants will always appear before an attack. Why weren’t there any measures taken?”

There were more than ten heart-digging murder cases within the capital, but the murderer was never found. At this rate, anxiety would befall the people.

“Most in the mansion came to participate in the Glutton Festival and did not notice it. Those ants come and go very quickly…”

Ninth Prince was calm as he waved his hand, “You can withdraw now. For now, try to collect more evidence secretly and do not startle the snake by beating the grass*, this demon will be personally caught by this prince!”
(Cuppa: Chinese idiom, means do not alert the target by creating too much noise and movement else the target might run away)

“Yes milord, when the time comes, the emperor will regard you highly.”

A cold glint flashed through Ninth Prince’s eyes.


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In the sky above the imperial capital.

A gorgeous Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage was being pulled by a white bird with long wings as it twisted and turned within the clouds, the indistinct behavior showed a subdued yet luxurious quality.

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