Chapter 409 – Unable To Free Herself From Love

Since it was not fated, she did not wish to force it as well.

It seems that her love for Young Master Ya has not reached the point of being unable to free herself from it… that’s fortunate.

This allowed her to protect herself from feeling further hurt.


After Nan Gong Bei Cheng was apprehended by a teacher of Alpha Hall and handed over to their teacher of Beta Hall earlier on, he was forced by his personal teacher to enter close-door training,  and unless he improve his cultivation by a minor stage, he will not be able to leave.

Fortunately, Nan Gong Bei Cheng was already a late stage Eight Star Spirit Master, using his desire to meet the little beauty of his heart, he displayed formidable effort!

And eventually achieved breakthrough, becoming a Nine Star Spirit Master accidentally!

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His teacher was unable to stop smiling at the result and returned him his freedom eventually.

When Nan Gong Bei Cheng gathered his lackeys and dashed to the Alpha Hall, all he saw was a sobbing Lin Fei Fei hugging his thighs while crying how much she missed him, as for the little beauty, he learnt that she had been locked up at the Cliff of Reflection.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng thus decided to head over to the Cliff of Reflection to take a look.

However, he was unable to enter as a special entry permit was required to enter the region where the Cliff of Reflection was.

Except for Hall Masters and above, none of the teachers possessed the special entry permit…

He thought of countless ideas but none of them worked, in the end, he decided to change his cultivation training location and set it at the closest entrance of the Cliff of Reflection. He stared at the Cliff of Reflection daily, hoping to be the first person that the little beauty would see when she got released!

With such great sincerity, he believes the little beauty would be able to sense it and the days to having her in his arms would be much closer.


“Hmm? Piggy, Leafy?”

Huan Qing Yan was dumbstruck for a moment, the two of them disappeared while fighting…

She was still able to sense them through their link to her, they seemed to be inside a passage that was not far away from her up front.

Huan Qing Yan checked her surroundings in detail and noticed an extremely tight and small cave, it seems to be just big enough for a person to climb through. She pondered for a moment before deciding to climb through it.

The more she climbed, the deeper it felt, her Leaf Spirit Treasure should be nearby, that was because she was able to breath freely unaffected.

“Leafy, Piggy…” Huan Qing Yan called out.

An echo of a grunt came from in front of her.

Huan Qing Yan continued to climb for some time before light entered her eyes, it was a large karst cave that was large enough for her to stand and walk.

She saw her two spirit treasures staying idle in front of her before flying off again.

As both spirit treasures were wearing large shining stars on their heads, the illumination caused the darkness within the area to dissipate greatly.

Huan Qing Yan chased after them again, with the area being wider, it was much easier to chase them now, enough for her to even run…

As she chased after them, Huan Qing Yan began to lose her bearing and direction as well.

But she noted that the area was getting brighter and brighter, while the spirit energy density also felt richer and richer.

Along the way, there were also various spirit vegetation, water plants and water flowers growing as well, the water and the scenery also turned more and more beautiful…

Suddenly, Huan Qing Yan’s mind received an S.O.S signal from her two spirit treasures.

Huan Qing Yan picked up her speed as she rushed forward with a cautious heart.

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Her spirit treasures have encountered a problem, she wondered what was the situation? Did someone discovered that she had escaped the little black cave and came to arrest her?

Very quickly, she reached a serene and beautiful area within the large karst cave, there were all sorts of Night Light Pearls glowing and shining everywhere, while a radiance was being emitted from within the water. On top of that, there were also lots of spirit stones, they were laid across the entire floor, and not only that, the entire cave, it seemed like they were all naturally formed existences.

As series of bubbles came from the deep regions of the ocean water.

In the center of one bubble, an elderly person was seated cross legged.

This elder’s beard and hair was thoroughly white, even his skin looked like a layer of snow, that snowman look was exceptionally eye-catching.

When Huan Qing Yan saw him, her heart stopped for a moment, that’s the Elder Snow?!

The Snow Elder was an elder of the Holy Court who had once reached the level of a Half-Sage. However, more than a dozen years ago, he got gravely injured in the battle against the demons, his heart and lungs were literally removed, turning him into a half dead man who needs to sustain by relying on the Spirit Springwater of Surging Wave Academia…

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