Chapter 410 – Greetings Senior!

Several years went by with that.

This was a person who have achieved great merits for humans, a hero-like character, if not for seniors like Elder Snow, the war between the humans and demons would not have stopped.

How come Huan Qing Yan knew so much about Elder Snow?

That was because, the evidence that caused the reincarnated girl to be charged with crimes of colluding with demons, was due to Elder Snow!

Huan Qing Yan was tasked to deliver spirit dishes to Elder Snow, what resulted, was the death of Elder Snow after he consumed the food.

A Half-Sage who have accumulated great merits for humans died just like that in the hands of Huan Qing Yan. She was accused of doing such a completely crazy and ridiculous act due to being bribed by demons.

This matter happened roughly about two years after Huan Qing Yan had entered Surging Wave Academia.

However, everything that had happened had been brought forward, due to being confined, she encountered the Snow Elder earlier as well.

This elder was a very sociable and kind person while the reincarnated girl held the position of Hall Spirit Chef at that time, and was assigned the task of taking care of Elder Snow, she had absolutely no intention of harming Elder Snow, yet Elder Snow did die from consuming the spirit dishes that she delivered…

Who was the one that borrowed her hand to get rid of Elder Snow?

She did not know.

She only knew that she was a person who died due to persecution!

The current Huan Qing Yan had no inkling intent to seek revenge for the reincarnated girl, she also had no interest in finding out who was the person who committed the murder behind the scenes.

However, since she had met Elder Snow, the date of the reincarnated girl’s death would likely not be far from now, she was afraid she would be encountering a life and death situation as well…

“Greetings Senior!” Huan Qing Yan respectfully gave the greeting of a junior.

In the two hands of Senior Elder Snow, one was holding on the Huan Qing Yan’s pig spirit treasure while the other was holding on to the leaf spirit treasure. Both spirit treasures were struggling to escape his grip, yet they were unable to do so.

Huan Qing Yan was alarmed, both her spirit treasures were in an illusion state, yet they were caught barehandedly.

As expected of a powerful person!

What’s more, a very powerful person who could easily compress or expand their powers at will!

An ex Half-Sage!

The elder who was covered in white opened his energetic eyes, his gaze landed on Huan Qing Yan who was still maintaining a bowed posture, his voice was slightly cold, “Are this dual spirit treasures yours?”

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“Yes, it is this junior’s.” when Huan Qing Yan felt his gaze, she felt her spirit tremoring, yet this eye possessed no ill intention at all.

If it possessed an ill intent, his one gaze would likely be enough to cause her to collapse.

Fortunately, Elder Snow had also treated the juniors of humanity kindly.

“To possess dual spirit treasure at such a young age, what’s more, both are Goose-Egg Star Spirit Treasures, what great potential! However, your spirit treasures’ ranks are still too low, did you only awaken your spirit treasures about two years ago?”

Huan Qing Yan didn’t dare to hide anything, “I only awaken this year.”

The elder got even more surprised, “Both of them?”


A flash of excitement flashed through the eyes of the elder, “Little Lady, where are you from? Why have you appeared here?”

Huan Qing Yan sighed, “Replying senior, this junior is from Hanging Cloud Empire, I was confined here due to some mistake. *cough*, I was searching for my spirit treasures who went missing. Senior, can you please release my spirit treasures?”

Elder Snow laughed, “Sure, these two spirit treasures of yours were truly great. Even this old man has yet to be able to identify their variety and wondered what their final evolved state in the future would be, so I captured them to play due to interest.”

When the two spirit treasures were released by Elder Snow, they immediately flew towards Huan Qing Yan, the pig spirit treasure was the first to reach her and dived into the imprint on her wrist.

The leaf spirit treasure also followed shortly after; Huan Qing Yan thought she would be unable to continue breathing.

However, she was able to continue breathing without problems. Phew! She nearly jumped in fright!

So she did not require the Water Repelling Talisman all along.

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