Chapter 465 – Wife Pampering Demon

Although the several bags of snacks he carried would slightly tarnish his image as an elegant young master, it was worth it as it earned him the smile of the beauty.

After buying the meat buns, Huan Qing Yan’s attention was attracted by a dumpling shop after eating only two.

She pulled Ji Mo Ya and together they sat within the small tight shop…

After a while, the dumplings were served.

Huan Qing Yan chucked away the half-eaten meat bun from her hand and started to happily gobble down the dumplings.

Over the past few days of following Ji Mo Ya she did not bring up the topic of returning home; when she open her eyes she would eat and even when she slept, she would also be hugging delicious stuff, her time was spent living in bliss and happiness.

As the half-eaten meat bun rolled under the table, a smooth black ball with no seams to be found suddenly opened a hole and from inside, a small hand stretched out with lightning speed and grabbed the meat bun back into the ball…

What was Ji Mo Ya’s current cultivation? He has the ability to sense every movement within several kilometers around him.

More than that, an incident which happened within close proximity to him?

However, he did not react.

This was because he had already discovered the mysterious secret of this ball.

It possessed a living thing inside!

The glutton Little Yan would either eat or sleep every day and when she slept, there would often be several food items laid out around her. That was when the slender and mysterious hand that looked smaller than a baby’s hand would appear to grab those extra food.

Even though Ji Mo Ya had closed his eyes while in meditative state, his divine sense was able to capture all these movements. However, he did not say anything.

No wonder this Purple Ranked magic equipment was thought unusable by others, it was because it already had an owner.

And if his guess was correct, that small hand would be said owner.

A species of this size that has hands, this information immediately caused Ji Mo Ya to assume it was a type of demon. However, the Demon Revealing Mirror on him showed no reaction.

If it was not a demon, then it should be a rare race.

As for what it was exactly, he was unable to determine just by looking at a hand.

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The ball often sneakily stole Huan Qing Yan’s food and due to this behavior, its rebellious intention of running away had also reduced greatly, it no longer rolled about most of the time.

When Huan Qing Yan dragged it with her, it would roll, if it was not dragged, it would remain quiet and still.

Noticing that other than sneaking food away it did not seem to possess any hostility towards Huan Qing Yan, Ji Mo Ya decided to leave it alone and treat it as a pet of the lass.

Huan Qing Yan was midway through her food when she suddenly stretched her hand and caressed Ji Mo Ya’s face, “Uncle, you are really good looking!”

Ji Mo Ya had been ambushed by her like this for many times already; ever since this lass’s intelligence has been reduced to a young child, two of her most honest traits were eating and sincerely finding him good looking. He was never able to stop her devilish hands from reaching out to say hello to his face.

After the caress, she brought her little hands to her nose to smell, “Uncle, your face is really fragrant, it was even more fragrant that the dumplings. Uncle are you edible?”

Ji Mo Ya was already used to these words, “Uncle is a human, how am I edible? Eat your dumplings.”

Although she made two comments, it still sums up to the first one. Ultimately, her goal was still eating.

As for the word, uncle, the Wife Pampering Demon has decided to ignore it, as long as she was calling for him, he was fine with anything.

Huan Qing Yan reluctantly smelled her hand, only when the hand no longer had any lingering scent… did she continue to eat her dumplings.

Ji Mo Ya deliberately dropped various food items on the table onto the floor and disguising the actions as messy eating accidents…

And a while later, the ball would silently roll over to take them.

After dropping four to five items, the round ball no longer rolled, it had its fill.

That was fortunate because there was already one food black hole called Huan Qing Yan; if the ball was another bottomless glutton, Ji Mo Ya would have considered the item as something to be discarded.

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