Chapter 499 – Rainbow Luan

In those eyes, there were traces of jealousy and fury.

When Ji Mo Ya sent out his divine sense to check again, he discovered that the individual was gone.

At the same time, the panting voice of the gnome king came from afar, “Young Master Ya! Young Master Ya, are you hurt? It’s great that you managed to come out…”

Ji Mo Ya released Huan Qing Yan and passed her several red spirit fruits; Huan Qing Yan immediately forgot about complaining and energetically munched on the fruits.

Ji Mo Ya resumed his display of a graceful and noble young master of a great clan.

“I have troubled your majesty to worry about me, this one and my partner is not hurt…”

When the Gnome King reached them, he happily said, “Wonderful, truly wonderful! You two must have been badly startled, we have managed to catch many of those rebellious citizens that were behind this. Please be rest assured that similar things would not happen again…”

Ji Mo Ya politely replied, “How are the casualties? If there is anything that this one can assist with, do feel free to directly tell me Your Majesty.”

“There is no need for our esteemed guest to act, this is a matter of our kingdom, let us settle it ourselves.” The Gnome King added, “However, the explosions did provide us with an unexpected reward as we have discovered a Treasure Vine that was on the verge of withering…”

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes immediately brightened up!

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Holy Court.

In front of a cave straight out from poems and stories stood an emerald water fountain, and at the center of this fountain was a statue of the Rainbow Luan*.
(Cuppa: For people who might have forgotten, the Luan is a mythical colorful bird that was a type of lesser phoenix.)

The Rainbow Luan was carved from seven colored spirit stones, its detailed workmanship made it look exceptionally life-like, as though it was a real Luan which was about to spring up into the sky and soar into the heavens…

Suddenly, a surge of air current started to flow around the cave and clouds dissipated, the birds chirped loudly; all sorts of strange incidents were happening.

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Other than the Four Great Academies of Spirit Treasure Continent, the Holy Court also possesses its own school.

Today, a Half-Sage was conducting the lesson, thus there were many students attending class today. Everyone was instantly attracted by the strange incidents occurring as they look towards the direction of the cave.

“What a big activity, is the Luan Girl coming out of closed-door cultivation?”

“That is likely, look at the birds chirping from that place, it is a phenomenon whenever the Luan Girl’s spirit treasure was summoned. It is said that Luan Girl has been training for more than a year this time.”

“Indeed, Elder Sister Luan is a God Chosen. The closed-door training she had this time is rumored to be a Sage Ancestor teaching her a skill!”

“What sort of skill requires more than a year to learn? That is certainly very powerful! I wonder which sage it is?”


A whole series of discussions were happening.

A Rainbow Luan flew towards them, several birds followed behind it, releasing choruses of chirps in rhythms which resembled singing.

A sharp eye observer immediately shouted, “Look, it’s the Luan Girl’s spirit treasure!”

“The Luan Girl’s spirit treasure has achieved a physical form… oh my god, the Luan Girl has broken through and became a Mystic Spirit Master at the age of eighteen! This is even faster than the number one genius, Ji Mo Ya!”

“Indeed, Young Master Ya was said to have only recently become a Mystic Spirit Master and is now twenty-three or four years old. This is already a very remarkable feat for a human, yet the Luan Girl managed to achieve it even earlier. Truly awesome!”

The sounds of envy, jealousy and hatred could be heard.

One must know, for anyone to be a student in the school managed by the Holy Court, they were all not ordinary people. The school could be said to be a type of concentrated training camp for only the most talented elites of humanity.

And the lowest cultivation level present was a True Spirit Master!

Only when a person reached the realm of True Spirit Master, possessed a rare or exotic spirit treasure, and possessed an Egg Star Talent, would they have the qualifications to enter the school managed by the Holy Court.

One could only imagine how Heaven defying this person is, if she could strike envy and jealousy in these elites!

When everyone was in their own thoughts, the Rainbow Luan arrived at the school.

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