Chapter 500 – Boosting Dance!

With a dazzling body which looked like a bundle of flames that was burning in midair, rainbow colors could be seen mixed within its long feathers as it slowly fanned its wings, the display itself would cause people to enter into a state of trance.

The Rainbow Luan was a bird which has an image closest to that as the Phoenix, and since no Phoenixes has appeared in the continent anymore, the Luan was able to be the overlord without competition.

On top of the Rainbow Luan was a young woman wearing a rainbow-colored phoenix dress, on her head was a magic equipment made with gold threads and pearls which also emits a rainbow glow. With looks and a figure akin to celestial fairies of legends, her beauty would make people feel as though they were in a dream.

Mixed within her gaze was a trace of seductive beauty and innocent pureness, coupled with the faint pride and cold intent her poise emitted, anyone who saw her would be left with an unforgettable image.

The lecturer for the day was given by Sage Xuan, he went to receive and warmly greeted, “Zi Xi, it looks like you have reaped many rewards from your closed-door training this time!”

Bai Li Zi Xi was the name of the Rainbow Luan girl, she was a junior member of Bai Li Clan, one of the Eight Great Clans.

She covered her lips and giggled, “Thank you for your kind words Elder Sage Xuan, Zi Xi was lucky enough to reach the realm of Mystic Spirit Treasure after receiving the teachings of my Ancestral Sage Teacher.”

Although Sage Xuan was not a Half-Sage of the Bai Li Clan but to be able to see such a talented genius appearing in humanity made him very happy as well.

“Very good, well done! Zi Xi, I believe you are not here to listen to this old man’s lessons, what are you here for?”

Bai Li Zi Xi blinked her eyes, “Zi Xi is here to test my new technique, I wonder if Sage Xuan will mind if I interrupt the lesson and exchange some pointers with you?”

“Test your technique? That’s great! Let me see what you have learn, come come…” Sage Xuan did not display the arrogance of an elder, in fact he seemed even more excited than the students who were attending his lecture.

Today also happen to be a lesson about actual battling; the students having been split into two groups and were engaged in sparring.

To put it simply, they were using their fists to learn.

“Thank you, Sage Xuan.”

Bai Li Zi Xi remaining standing in midair and address the students below her, “I wonder if there is anyone who is willing to coordinate with Zi Xi’s technique.”

A commotion immediately happened amongst the students as many raised their hands and volunteered, at the same time several spirit cranes were sent out by others to inform their close family and friends to come see the show.

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To come witness the beauty of a goddess!

As too many people volunteered, Sage Xuan helped by randomly selecting them. Under the request of Bai Li Zi Xi, two teams of five individuals had been formed.

When everyone were prepared and readied, Bai Li Zi Xi started to move her jade hands and drew a semi-circle before extending out her hands while her slender figure started to dance slowly.

After a while, the dancing Bai Li Zi Xi pointed with her finger and a sword made of spirit energy appeared on the head of one of the students of her team; it was a small sword about a finger long, yet it was emitting an eye-catching radiance.

Sage Xuan’s eyes brightens!

Boosting Dance!

That sword likely provided the person a boosting effect that increases their attack power.

Such boosting effects were not rare in Spirit Treasure Continent.

There were countless strange and varied spirit treasures that provided  humanity with all sorts of technique and skills. It was one of the main reason humans were able to thrive in Spirit Treasure Continent.

What he was wondering was how much was the increase would Bai Li Zi Xi’s technique give.

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