Chapter 501 – Jinx

However, from the looks of it, the boost did not seem to be small. Sage Xuan was filled with anticipation.

Bai Li Zi Xi’s dance got faster and quicker, before she pointed with her finger once again and a shield made from spirit energy appeared on the head of another student.

It was the same size as the sword and was also glowed with the same intensity.

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Repeatedly, Bai Li Zi Xi repeated those actions till all five students in her team have shields or swords above their heads.

The heads of the five students seems to be adorn with shining lamps, the expressions on their opponents also darkened when they saw them.


The two teams dashed towards each other with Sage Xuan’s signal.

As they closed the gap, the ten individuals released their spirit treasures, there was wolf, leopard, condor types, all of them were unique and all of them were offensive type spirit treasures.

Everyone had their gaze on these people.

They were all familiar with the ten participants as they were fellow students who were training together.

And they knew that those students had similar combat abilities with one another.

However, it was apparent that something was different this time, a short while after the two teams collided, Bai Li Zi Xi’s team had an obvious advantage; their offensive and defensive capabilities were much greater than their opponents, allowing them to easily suppress their opponents.

At Sage Xuan’s level, he was immediately able to observe this gap, the combat abilities of those students have been boosted by at least thirty percent!

What did this mean?

Some people might not understand, so here’s an example.

The greatest enemy of humanity were the demons.

These students were all True Spirit Masters, which were about the level of demon generals of the demon race.

However, everyone knew that the demons have stronger physiques than humans, therefore, with the exception of rare talents, when an ordinary True Spirit Master was pitted against a Demon General, they would normally be at a disadvantage.

However, if an ordinary human has their abilities boosted by thirty percent, the situation would be completely different.

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Common True Spirit Masters could completely contend with Demon Generals! If their opponents were from a weaker race, such as rabbit demons, then they would have an absolute advantage over them!

Sage Xuan’s eyes filled with an unconcealable joy while he quickly used his divine sense to notify the other Half Sages.

“Old Xuan, what’s the matter?”

“This old man saw it as well, that lass’s Boosting Dance is indeed not bad!”

“Saying that it’s not bad is underrated, if it is used well, it is good enough to be a trump card when it is used in a decisive moment!”

“Humanity’s battle capabilities could immediately increase by a large amount!”

“This girl must be rewarded!”

“Yes! It’s only logical that we should give her a reward!”

“Then let us call the other Half Sages and discuss about this matter!”

The other students were also elites in their own right and also naturally possessed a keen eye, they were able to immediately understand the great potential of the Boosting Dance. All sorts of expressions such as envy, jealousy, joy, excitement appeared on their faces, but of course, most common were the voices singing her praises.

As everyone was giving their praises, a name surfaced within Bai Li Zi Xi’s mind.

Huan Qing Yan, I will definitely properly repay a jinx like you!

A trace of mocking hatred flashed through Bai Li Zi Xi’s eyes as she looked at the direction of Surging Wave Academia.


Ji Mo Ya received something that looked like a dried tree bark from the gnome king.

“Your majesty, this is a Nine Star Treasure Vine?”

This thing was simply too dried up and shriveled that it looked like a piece of bark, however, he was able to see some similarities with the Five Star Treasure Vine that he saw before.

The gnome king explained, “Yes Young Master Ji Mo, this is a Nine Star Treasure Vine, it was buried underneath the equipment factory. If not for the explosion caused by those rebels, it would have remained undiscovered. It’s unfortunate that it has withered and has lost its effects. Hai!”

When Ji Mo Ya learnt that there was a Nine Star Treasure Vine, he was very happy, but little did he expect that it would turn out in this state.

It was fine when there was no hope, now that he had hope but it turned out to be a disappointment in the end, it was a very unpleasant feeling.

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