Chapter 502 – Take The Bait Spontaneously

Off to the side, Huan Qing Yan was enjoying candies whilst playing.

Recently, her face had developed a slight roundness to it; a sign that her Dantian was filling up due to the overconsumption of too much spirit energy food as she still had not learnt how to transfer spirit energy to her spirit treasure. At this rate, she will turn into a fat chick again.

A fat chick would not be much of a problem, as it would not affect Ji Mo Ya from protecting the woman that he loves. The problem was that he could only look and cannot ‘eat’, everyday was a test of his patience and determination, this feeling was not pleasant at all.

“It was said that the Nine Star Treasure Vine has grown for a thousand years and possessed a stubborn lifeforce, is there any method to revive it?”

The gnome king replied apologetically, “If it was in the past, restoring a Nine Star Treasure Vine would not be a problem. We can simply shine the radiance of the Life Totem onto it; but we no longer have the means to so now. This is because the Life Totem of us Gnomes has lost its radiance for more than half a year already.”

“Speaking of it, this one has yet to ask, why did the totem of your esteemed race lost its holy light?” Ji Mo Ya frowned as he asked.

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Huan Qing Yan was playing a game of ‘The Mother Hen’ with the gnome serving girls…

Initially, no one wanted to play with her, but later on, Huan Qing Yan started using the candies she had and gave them away to the gnome servings girls who played with her, and instantly created herself a play group.

Some guards even joined them for the sake of obtaining those candies.

However, they were swept away by Ji Mo Ya immediately; no matter the race, as long as they are males, Ji Mo Ya would not allow them to get close to Huan Qing Yan.

This was a matter of principle and has no room for discussion.

Huan Qing Yan was still within Ji Mo Ya’s range of vision as she had been instructed not to leave his sight.

Therefore, the Gnome King did not want to reveal this important secret about their race as there were simply too many people around; however, faced with this Wife Pampering Demon, he has no other choice.

“Sigh, our Gnome Kingdom have not been peaceful recently and the rebels also insurrected. The Life Totem lost its glow due to one such rebellion half a year ago. When the Life Totem went silent, the Kingdom also started to experience drought…”

“Life turned harsh as the plants withered and died, the water and food situation also turned dire. For the sake of reactivating the Life Totem, this King had used every method we could think of, but we still were unable to succeed. Some said that maybe if the heavens took pity on us and give us a rainstorm, the rainwater might assist in restoring the Life Totem. However, amongst the cultivators within the Gnome Kingdom, there are only a handful of us who possessed a spirit treasure that can summon rain, however, none of that handful is able to achieve the required standards, sigh!”

The Gnome King sighed again.

A spirit treasure that can summon rain?

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A glint of understanding flashed through Ji Mo Ya’s eyes.

No wonder the Gnome King had been so tolerant throughout his stay here, because this was the real reason for his actions?

Now the Gnome King laid out his story, all that was left was for him to take the bait spontaneously?

From the moment he entered the Gnome Kingdom, he has never displayed his spirit treasure, so how come the Gnome King knew he possessed a dragon spirit treasure that could summon rain?

It seems like the Gnome King was not as isolated from the outside world as he appeared to be.

Ji Mo Ya replied, “This one possesses the dragon spirit treasure that has the ability to summon rain…”

If summoning rain could restore the gnome’s Life Totem and revive the Nine Star Treasure Vine, then he was fine with it.

It was a matter of helping others to help himself.

He was only worried that things will not be as simple as it appears!

As expected, the Gnome King happily said, “Oh? What a coincidence!”

But shortly after that, his face turned solemn again, “But ordinary rain will not work, what we need is spirit rain, is Young Master Ji Mo able to summon spirit rain?”

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