Chapter 503 – Suspicious Points

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As expected, things were indeed not that simple.

Summoning ordinary rain over a wide area was something he could try. Summoning rain requires an environment with ample moisture and water, to be able to summon ordinary rain in the extremely dry environment of the Gnome Kingdom was already not bad.

But to summon spirit rain like that, it can only be possible if his dragon spirit treasure achieves a breakthrough in rank or by using certain special methods at a high expense.

“Spirit rain is not something that can be easily summoned, please allow me to consider a few days your majesty.”

While Ji Mo Ya did not outright reject him, but he did not immediately agree either.

The dragon spirit treasure was currently not close to a breakthrough, if he was to forcefully summon spirit rain, it would result in a huge burden to him. This matter has too many suspicious points, as he was in foreign territory, he cannot act rashly.

“Sure, Young Master Ji Mo, please consider it thoroughly, if you succeed, you will be our most precious guest, the race of Gnomes will forever remember this graceful act of yours…”

After a series of blabbering from the Gnome King, Ji Mo Ya replied courteously and left with Huan Qing Yan.

He wants to do a proper examination and check if the Nine Star Treasure Vine was real or not.

Rumor has it that there would be obvious markings at the place where a Nine Star Treasure Vine grew.

After Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan left, the old Gnome Priest stepped out from a corner.

“Your Majesty, it is likely that he will be going to the place where the Nine Star Treasure Vine grew to check.”

The Gnome King replied with some unease, “Will there be a problem?”

The old priest shook his head, “There won’t be, there were indeed Nine Star Treasure Vine growing in that place before, however they were all destroyed in the explosion but there should be enough signs remaining to indicate that. In addition, the one we provided was indeed a Nine Star Spirit Vine, the only difference was that it had been shriveled for nearly a century, he will not be able to notice the difference, Your Majesty can be rest assured.”

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“Ok, it has been tough to bring up this matter but the rebel’s attack on the equipment factory has provided us a perfect excuse. All that’s left is to see if he will be willing to put himself in danger for that dumb girl.”

The old priest replied, “Please be rest assured Your Majesty, that human has rejected all of Princess Qing Luo’s attempts at seducing him, one can see that he is a person who values his bonds. Over the past few days, everyone of us witnessed how dearly he have been treating that dumb girl, he would definitely agree to summon spirit rain!”

“Good, good. Let’s see if those rebels dare to act against this king when the totem lights up…” the gentle expression on king has been replaced by a sharp glare. “Speaking of which, have we caught all the rebels?”

“We have caught some of the main individuals involved, but there are still a few of them that we are still pending investigations on.”

The Gnome King continued, “In the past, although these rebellious people were discontent, they would not have dared to act so openly, it was unexpected that they actually went to bomb the entire equipment factory, how impudent!”

“There seems to be a leader leading them recently, it might be a remnant member of the late King’s faction. Please be rest assured Your Majesty, this old subject will get to the bottom of this.”

“Good, find out as soon as possible, we cannot allow them to succeed.”


After going through a series of bombing, the entire equipment factory had been turned into ruins.

Ji Mo Ya brought along Huan Qing Yan, after expending great effort due to the many twists and turns within the ruins as well as using some force to punch a path through, they finally found the place that the Gnome King described.

The location where Treasure Vines grew would all possess a large amount of star shaped patterns in the soil due to how the roots of the vines developed.

Based on the age of the plant, a One Star Treasure Vine would leave behind marks of single stars around the soil and earth near the plant. Two Star Treasure Vines would have patterns of two interconnected stars scattered, while Three Star Treasure Vines would have patterns of three stars connected from tip to tip scattered…

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