Chapter 504 – A Light Peck

Based on this concept, the place where the Nine Star Treasure Vine grew should have nine interconnected stars pattern scattered around the area it grew.

“Little One, wait here while I go down to take a look. Don’t run around, okay?” Ji Mo Ya instructed.

This place had turned into ruins and the way down was narrow and tight, even though Ji Mo Ya was going down alone, it would still be dangerous for him.

Let alone bringing Huan Qing Yan along.

In addition, he was only going down for a quick check and should return in no time.

As Huan Qing Yan was enjoying the candy in her mouth, she sweetly replied, “Okay.”

This tunnel had rarely been in use by others, and at that current moment, only Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan was around.

The Gnomes excels in digging and these tunnels they build in the underground palace region were all huge and well lit with Night Pearls, making it easy for humans to use without experiencing any problems.

After getting Huan Qing Yan’s reply, Ji Mo Ya placed a light peck on her forehead before he jumped down.

The path downwards was much more complex than Ji Mo Ya expected, not only were the tunnels deep and covered in cracks, there were also marks left behind by explosions everywhere.

Ji Mo Ya’s keen eyes finally discovered a rock with a single star imprinted on it, Treasure Vines did grow in this area!

The marks were very clear and distinct, just that they were incomplete or broken. Ji Mo Ya started on a detailed search…


Above, Huan Qing Yan had a row of Night Light Pearls attached onto her belt in addition to a helmet attached with a large Night Light Pearl on her head. These were all equipment that Ji Mo Ya prepared for her; it was to guarantee that there would be light wherever she went and also so that she would not be afraid of being in the dark.

Being a underground kingdom, preparing extra lighting equipment could never be a wrong decision.

As Ji Mo Ya possesses a body with the ability to glow, he did not require such equipment, so he gave everything provided to Huan Qing Yan for her use.

If all the light emitting equipment on Huan Qing Yan was robbed, it would be a huge windfall for the robber, the worth on her could even outmatch the jewelries worn by the two Gnome Princesses.

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Huan Qing Yan suddenly swept her gaze through her surroundings.

She noticed a flicker of a shadow at the corner of the path in front of her.

The sharp eyed Huan Qing Yan wanted to take a look but remembered Ji MoYa’s instruction and remained standing without moving.

After a while something flickered again and this time, it was clear to her that it was a group of gnomes.

These gnomes were all in cuffs and their bodies were bloodstained; they were also carefully feeling their way forward…

Huan Qing Yan was likely standing in a key path that they needed to cross, but they dared not reveal themselves to her as they were fearful.

After some hesitation on their part, they were eventually discovered by Huan Qing Yan.

Some of these gnomes adopted attacking postures, they had the intentions to kill Huan Qing Yan.

Huan Qing Yan was unable to understand that they were trying to kill her due to her low intelligence, she even raised her hands to greet them.

“Hi! Where are you guys going?”

That was when a gnome at the back of the group suddenly shouted, “Stop! Do not harm her.”

When Huan Qing Yan heard the voice, she displayed a happy expression, “Bally!”

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‘Bally’ did not have the mood to be bothered about her.

He was currently speaking with his fellow gnomes in their unique language.

The enmity these gnomes had towards Huan Qing Yan was extremely strong, “There are no good humans, hadn’t they caused enough harm to us? What is the meaning of this Prince Dorna? Why must you protect her over and over again?”

“We have vowed to fight against all humans and only managed to escape prison after putting in much effort, what if she went ahead to report us?”

“Prince Dorna, have you forgotten how the late King died? How did our Kingdom turn into such state?”

Of course, these were all spoken in Gnomish.

Dorna, a gnome who just reached adulthood, carried on his shoulders the weight of a deep grudge of his race. His enmity towards humans was no less than that of his fellow kin, but “Everyone calm down, not all humans are bad, there are also good ones amongst them. I have stayed with the humans for some time and am qualified to speak about them; this human girl is my lifesaver, I have encountered many hardships when I was with the humans. If not for this girl, I would not have survived to return. I can swear in the name of our holy totem, that this girl will absolutely not bring harm to us…”

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